Friday, May 27, 2005

One More Monday..........

After two days of legitimate sleep, there comes the cruel monday morning. And same old routine starts all over again, controlled by a mesmerizing term called "Corporate Life". Just few months back I was controlling.This is probably the most killing difference between college life and corporate life. Your life becomes packaged. Throughout the week you wait for the weekends. After every four weekends you wait for the day when your bank account becomes a bit healthier. And then whole month goes in the realization.."Nothing is immortal, not even your bank account". And this goes on and on and on........ Want some thrill in your life???? All the best. One of my friends was complaining about his boring and monotonous corporate life. These days he is enjoying(???) a thrilling life and and exploring new ventures. Actually he has fallen prey to another horrifying corporate buzzword "Right-Sizing". He is meeting new job consultants everyday. Once in a while, consultants arrange an interview for him to keep things interesting. And interviewers make sure he does not get back to same old boring life.Some one has rightly said "But be careful what you wish for. You might actually get it."Whenever one gets fed up with this boring life, memory goes back to college days. I do not agree that life at college is extremely thrilling. If it is, my personal experience says, your arse is on fire. But it’s not monotonous and you know it has a definite end (you can extend it, but that needs talent))). College life is like 'ek chidiya anek chidiya' video....sweet, short and always memorable. Corporate life is like Subhash Ghai's recent flicks especially 'Kisna'. I spent more time looking at my watch then looking at the screen.Corporate life is like Glen McGrath is bowling to you. You know where he is going to pitch, what line he is going to bowl although there may be an occasional bouncer or yorker. Everything is so predictable yet it’s extremely difficult to score off. And McGrath can bowl in loooooong spells.College life is like Shohaib Akhtar bowling to you. It’s going to be fast but with a bit of courage and luck, you can definitely score. Wayward most of the times, occasionally unplayable. And he does not bowl in long spell.What crap?? Its human nature, think about your past, dream about your future and do not give a shit to your present. My present says its time to go I have started dreaming about my future.....home sweet home.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

One more day of training.

Finally we have a lady instructor today. A typical sweet and shy UP girl who has forced herself into jeans and top. Its like sita pretending to be gita. Neways I do not have any rights to pass on any comments on anyone in this public forum. Looks at me once in a while hoping tht i would be listening. But I am trying my best to write some entertainment material for you. One thing I am really good at, i can pretend to be attentive very well.Ooops.......not always....just got caught....Gawd writing a blog is much more dificult thn writing a piece of code. You need to be creative, have a good grip on language, a tinking mind and god knows wht not. For coding all you need is google.
Getting back to original topic. Its really extremely difficult being a girl that too an Indian girl. If she tries to be simple, u'll term her as old fashioned. If she tries to be mod and hip hop, she'll be seen just as a sex object. Being a bit vocal about bold topics will turn her pervert. And a shy girl is a 'behanji'. But girls are damn consistent about one thing. They always try to be someone else. They want to be lustlessly respected because they are 'Avtar' of 'Durga', a true trait of a traditional indian girl. At the same time they want all men gaping at them as we gape at Pamela Anderson Lee or Mallika sherawat or anyother bombshell from any corner of the planet.This is new face of the same girl. Its like 'Sati Savitri' playing 'Menaka' or taking a more recent example, 'Late Nirupaa Roy' trying to walk on ramp in a bikini. Terms like globalization and opening boundries have created an identity crisis for indian females. So where does this 'sexy sati' go from here. God only knows.....go ask him. The class is over an hour back....and i m calling it a day now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Gosh!!! more session. Dunno how much training i am gonna get. Why the hell noone understands, its impossible to educate me..............