Monday, June 06, 2005

Being Busy......

How to manage stress in corporate world? How to let your professional life not affect your personal life? How to manage work pressure? How to.....blah blah....... Psychologists earn tons of money answering these questions. And people pay. And I wonder. But where the hell is work pressure. During 20 months of pre-post graduation and these 2 months after post graduation, my only worry has to pass my time.......leave apart passing it productively or constructively.In my first job, for first 6 months I was in training. And believe me, it was a paid holiday. And then started my corporate life. I was put in a project team which was called Integrated Testing Team. Sounds gr8, isn't????.....Go jump mannn.....For next one and half years all I did was to click on a link and go out for a coffee. Because you are lucky, the link takes at least 20 minutes to open. And you are not, and lady luck has rarely been on my side, time goes up to an hour. So in a working day of 8 hours, my work was to click 7-8 links, and go home. Only pressure I felt was, how to reduce my expenditure due to number of coffee breaks I was taking those days.Next two years were of higher studies at a place where I forgot the difference between days and nights. Not that I was slogging my arse out studying..... Try playing AOE on LAN, you'll also become a nocturnal. And in my second job, I am busy either chatting or writing blogs.My friends wish for some peace in their work life, I wish for work. This industry is simply great. Otherwise where else I'll get paid, just for chatting, playing solitaire, writing shitty blogs and then forcing my friends to read it.

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