Thursday, June 02, 2005

Chappel Way!!!!

After so much of hype and propaganda, finally BCCI managed to hire a foreign coach. That too, an expansive, high profile and highly expressive Greg Chappel. And Chappel has launched himself into Indian cricket. Every morning you can read his post-mortem report in the news papers. Tendulkar is past his prime, Kumble cannot bat, Laxman may be a good batsman but a pedestrian on the field. Only person who has survived his eye opening comments is Ganguly. May be he fears Ganguly. No big deal. Every Australian does that in the name of respect.Seems like BCCI has hired him to address media and not to coach the team. The word coach has become bigger then it should be and the season has not yet started, forget producing results.I hope India does well under Greg Chappel and he proves to be better then John Wright. But if it does not happen, and with past track record we can say that Indian team will always be an Indian team, then what???.........Why pick someone in the side who thinks of himself as a star even before the season has started? Why not get someone, like Dave Whatmore, who has a proven track record? But Dave was snatched from us by Bangladesh. Would you believe it? Or may be BCCI is too generous for our neighbors, "Let them AK-47, we can afford to experiment with a much heard off but never tested gun." And we all know, if the team does well, like a true Australian, Greg will take all the credit (Remember Agarkar- Denis Lille episode). And if we do not, "Indians do not have the attitude."A coach acts like a facilitator, a motivator, a sink and like an analyst. As the modern cricket history goes, barring very few exceptions, great cricketers do not make very good captains. SO can be said about coaches. A coach should be a person who knows how a player can be made more successful, but more importantly what can cause his downfall. And there lies the difference between a great player and an ordinary one. For greats, everything comes naturally but ordinary mortals have to strive hard with very little margin for error. They not only become aware of dos and don’ts, but also their extreme implications. And when they coach, they can provide knowledge and experience of more width, death and variety. That’s why ordinary cricketers make better coaches. Be it Dave Whatmore or Bob Woolmer, John Wright or Sandeep Patil, they were all good cricketers not great. In spite of being a flamboyant batsman, Sandeep Patil does not have a great test record. Ajit Wadekar was a good captain and fielder but not a great cricketer and his record says that. And taking Javed Miyadad as an example, whenever he was coach for Pakistan, words like stability and sanity were eluded from the Pakistani side.Does this not prove my point that appointing Greg Chappel as a coach could be a risky move? There will be ego clashes, there will be trouble and looking at his attitude in media, seems like he more interested in building on his celebrity status then coaching India. A low profile coach could have been much better for already much hyped and star studded Indian side.But again, cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties and with Indian team, they have a track record of doing well when least expected and vice-versa. And, this season, I am not expecting them to do well. I hope they prove me wrong. Let Chappel take all the credit, who cares he deserves it or not, we all want India to do well.

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