Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A day without time in my hands.

I had the best possible start for the day. And as I was enjoying it, suddenly a bizzare uneasiness creeped in. My wristwatch was missing. Its a beautiful Titan watch and one of the very few gifts I have received in my life. Eversince I got this watch, probably it is the first day when I forgot to put it on.
The watch was gifted to me by my late grandfather. As everyone I respected him a lot. And whenever I looked at his nameplate, respact grew bigger. It was a huge one, and just below his name it was written a statement, MSc First. Being intellectually challenged,I've always had request for academecians. Althoug later I came to know that First did not signify First division, it was there signifying that he could complete only first year of his MSc. It was a statement informing correction misunderstood for seeking appreciation.
Coming back to my watch, again and again I look at my wrist just to realize its not there. These gizmos change your life style completely. Does that not prove a point? Man has become a slae to a seven letter word called science. Although life is a lot faster these days, world is much smaller but all this is killing a huge fun of life. Element of surprise in day to day life. You move out of college, all your friends goto different places to explore new venture. It will be a really enjoyable experience if a very good friend suddenly appears in front of you after considerable period of time. And thn you realize how someone can change with time and things like that. But what shit????......Inaccessiblity is a luxury these days. Y! will not let you hide. If there were emails in 70's, manmohan desai would have been a flop with his 'lost and found' formula.
And your cell phone can trace you to your toilet. And privacy is getting killed. hell with that. When someone's privacy gets murdered, its fun for others. So have fun. Weren't latest Asmit Patel-Rima Sen or Shahid Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor video enjoyable? And if you disagree with it, its all about making the world transparent by easing out the availability of information.
One more look at my watch and it's time to go home. So I am off.....

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