Thursday, June 16, 2005

First Day at "Work"

At last I have a shelter in the office. When one is a new joinee, a place to rest your butts is such a luxury, forget getting a comp or work. My boss is a reincarnation of Indira Gandhi. Dunno why all these so called ambitious females prefer to be short haired? I am fighting it hard to keep my hair on my head and they........Seems like they prefer some wait only 45 centimeters below their head. Females................aha......although there is some good crowd in the organization, seems like it has rushed away from my floor as soon as I joined. Only hot babe on my floor is some 40 seats away from me. And she is a walking beauty parlor. I've never been able to understand one thing. How come all these chicks always look so fresh and presentable, even if they come to office at 5 in the morning. Gawd..... I hardly get time to reply to nature's call ni the morning. I wish all solid could be converted to gas. that case I would have been sitting alone in this office. I've had SOME reputation, ask my college friends.
Coming back to work. Its the same age old problem....wht the hell I am doing, Its not what I wanted to do, I'll quit. But where ever I see, its all the do what???..............just chat, surf net earn and njoi mann..............

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