Thursday, June 09, 2005

Reverse sweep, trains and Love.

1987 world cup final. England slowly but surely nearing a great victory. Mike Gatting is playing well and involved in consolidating partnership. And suddenly he tries to show the world his innovative side. Plays a reverse sweep and there starts the same old story.........wickets after wickets and England’s dream to win the world cup, that too playing arch rivals in the final match, is shattered. As expected, one question made Gatting's life hell..."Why the @#$% you played that shot?” His answer has always been the same. He has no regrets playing that stroke.
Reverse sweep is really a strange shot. Looks really innovative and deceiving for the fielding side when it comes off. And if you fail, you regret playing. People around you make sure you really regret it. It’s like love. Love looks good, feels heavenly only when it comes off. But when it does not, everything around you put enough petrol into your arse to make sure it’s always on fire. And like reverse sweep, you think 10 times before doing it again if you have failed in your first attempt. But like reverse sweep in modern day cricket, love is fast becoming a more frequent event in a persons life.
But when people claim they are in love, I wonder if they are really in, or it’s just like a middle way station during a long train journey. Sometimes that little station becomes the rail yard and people crib for the rest of their lives, “Kaash gaddi mein thoda aur diesel hota". Station which seems like a yard might just turn out to be a station and vice versa. But you are in love, make sure you do not stop you train in a big junction. Probability of fatal accidents in a junction is much more than anywhere else. If you are lucky, you might stop at a brand new station. But number of trains has always been more than the number of stations. And where do you see brand new stations these days? Each one has been parked by some other starin before you reach there. Does not matter until parking takes precedence over inaugurating te stations.AAhhh............if even after being romantically challenged, I can compare it with so many real life scenarios, love must be such a wonderful feeling.

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