Tuesday, July 26, 2005

England...back to square one!!!

They defeated australia even when they were 155/6 and had to nearly hundred runs at almost 8 runs per over. They managed to tie the final even when they needed over a hundred and fifty runs and had just 4 wickets in hand. And australia was even loosing to bangladesh.
They started hoping for return of "ashes" which has been away for 16 years. And they had all the reason to do so. Aussie batting seemd to be completely dependent on Andrew Symonds and Hussey, both not in the test squad. Bowling did not seem to be at its lethal best and always so accurate fielding was looking to be patchy.
But they had discounted the most important factor. Shane warne. Wanre who has been a real terror for england for last 12 years. Warne, who has beaten english batsmen all around their legs.
Warne is a great bowler. But I am not sure if his success in Ashes shouls be credited to his brilliance or stupidity of english batsmen. And if one looks at the way Ian Bell got out, he'll endorse the second reason. How can you not offer a shot to the ball which is pitched in the line of middle stump. If its a googly, its on a bad line. You cant expect warne to do that. Hardly 5% chance of that. If he is going to leg-spin it, he would like to lure you into the drive and will pitch it on or out off off-stump. So chances of being a leg-spin, hardly 20%. 75% of the times its going to be a straighter ball. Well if you think you can pad at that, go play hockey.
Ian bell averages 45 in domestic cricket in 78 matches. Not a bad average at all. But against what attacks. Against the likes of Roni Irani and mark Elham who will get murdered anywhere in the world but in the seeming and swinging conditions in England. Or against the likes of Ashely Giles, whose only skill is to consistently bowl a negative line and bore a batsmen out. Only players who could play warne with some confidence were Flintoff, surprisingly is a real good batsmanof spin, and Pietersen, who is imported from South Africa.
Now the tone is set for the Ashes. England has played very well for last one year or so. But the hsitory is going to repeat it self. Australia will crush their confidence so badly that they will take atleast a year to rebuild it. Year next to that will go strenghtening, rebuilding the team and its image, finding and importing/stealing new talent. But for what purpose. By that time Ashes 2007 would have arrived and I will be copy pasting the same article after changing the date and few names.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Proving a Fact!!

I am not so sure if I m really brilliant and finish off my work earlier than expected or my bosses have been shrewd enough to realize my true potential. Because “being busy” is the state of life I have always wished for and it has always eluded me. Be it my days in IT-BHU or IIM Calcutta, be it TCS or IBM…..I have always had more free time than most my other friends. Some of my friends claim to be so busy that they find it difficult to even reply mails or IMs. What crap……here I am getting sick with boredom and hoping that someone is kind enough to drop a mail to me or a IM will popup……but all in vain. When I started writing blogs, I thought I had found out a very good tool to utilize my time. But I’ve been so much without work that I am even running short of topics.

Well, one cannot be getting intelligent and brilliant bosses so consistently, so it must be my own skill and talent which has blessed me consistently with so much of free time. One day, all my friends who have been or claim that they have been very busy will reach the level my bosses have been. If first sentence is true, they are not that much skilled and talented. And this proves the point that one cannot be getting intelligent and brilliant bosses so consistently. And this proves that I am exceptionally brilliant. And there starts a cycle which will again and again prove that I have been intellectually better than my bosses. But this is a fact and you do not need to prove a fact. After all, do you need to prove that sun gives us heat? Or do you need to prove that color of our blood is red? Answer is simple…No.

It’s not because facts do not need any proof or no proof could be provided for them. It’s because they are too obvious to be proved. And………..forget it….someone has been kind enough to drop me a mail. Now I am going to bug him till he realizes that it was probably the biggest mistake of his life to do so….Haa Haa.

Friday, July 15, 2005


There is a tradition in my family. Whenever you buy anything, u must visit a temple and pray to god for the continuity of your prosperity. So after buying my new bike, I had to do that. And that was a real tough job.

I took the delivery in my office. I asked the guy who had delivered it if there was enough fuel in it. And there was just one possible answer to it, yes. And as expected, there was not. So I had to push along my 13 kilometer old, 125 kg bike with the help of my barely ten inches thick biceps.
And then quest for god started, went on for an hour when there was rain water all around the roads, no power and completely chaotic traffic.
But why? Just to visit a temple. Just to make sure that I do not annoy god so that I do not loose my bike as my father has done it once.
What and who is god? Who has seen him or has anybody seen him. Last year there was a cover story in “The Week” where they said that the probability of existence of God is 67%. Do not ask me how. But somehow they managed to frame him in term of numbers. And then there were arguments between those who believe in god and those who do not.
I, myself, have a great faith in God. But is it not strange we think of God when mostly, if not only, when we are in deep shit. Is he our crisis man who, we believe, will come and bail us out? He will do the unthinkable wonders for us. He is omnipresent and as the old saying goes, “Whatever happens, happens for our own good”, will only do things which are in our favor.
But is it not true, we do not think of god for achievable targets. We seek his help only for unachievable targets. Have you ever said “God, please help me in breathing”? Obviously I am assuming you are medically fit. Similarly for so many other things which come quite natural for us. We seek his help only when we lack self belief.
If you have a target to achieve, you know what percentage you can achieve and for what part you are not sure off. And there come all your expectations from God. He’ll suddenly appear from somewhere, pull you along to complete your race.

God is nothing but an equation.

God = Distance to your target from your location- distance you think you can travel easily.

I am not disparaging God, but he is simply our lack of self belief, and we have named him so. Probably that is the reason, so many confident, competent and successful men and women do not believe in god. Because they know, no one is going to bail them out of shit, only they can do it.
Whereas someone, at least in
India, who opts for unethical and socially & legally unacceptable, methods to get his means in life, will do everything to placate his form of God.
It’s very true that god resides inside you and every other human being. After all, no one is hundred percent confident in whatever he or she does. And if there is a person like this, it must be Lord Buddha or his re incarnation.

Friday, July 08, 2005


Just comming back from a meeting. Company wants to know our feedback on our stint with them. It was a session full of buzzwords, suggestions, strategy planning and what not. I had just one question. Who put me in the competency I am working? Bloddy I can't find even 2 of the three words, spelling the competency in which I am, together in my resume, and I was told that it perfactly suits for SAP. Neways how does it matter? Most of us do not make or take the decisions about what we are doing. Its always forced on us and we call it parental pressure or peer pressure or anything like that. And we proudly announce our philosophy, "I take the life as it comes". What crap? Tell me what else you can do apart from taking the life as it comes your way? Infact how many decisions do we really make indepentely? Right from the school we join to the girl we marry. Each and everyone is influenced by others. If you do not agree, lucky you.
Dunno what the hell I want to write? Its friday, next three nights will be submerged in drink people call alcohol. They will not be any different from other nights, but still one can booze without hinking of getting up early in the morning. Njaoi maddi...and say TGIF.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another day in masquerade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been just another day...I have been sitting on my chair, trying my best to look busy. Desperately waiting for someone to ping me or reply to my mails. I have opened some tutorials to prove to others and more importantly to myself that I am learning few things. But whole day went on listening to songs, orkutting, mailing and chatting. Actually these big companies pay you for doing nothing......and suddenly one fine day you realize that u have been turned as Good for nothing. So I hope i'll actually start learning something from tomorrow onwards, before its too late.