Friday, July 15, 2005


There is a tradition in my family. Whenever you buy anything, u must visit a temple and pray to god for the continuity of your prosperity. So after buying my new bike, I had to do that. And that was a real tough job.

I took the delivery in my office. I asked the guy who had delivered it if there was enough fuel in it. And there was just one possible answer to it, yes. And as expected, there was not. So I had to push along my 13 kilometer old, 125 kg bike with the help of my barely ten inches thick biceps.
And then quest for god started, went on for an hour when there was rain water all around the roads, no power and completely chaotic traffic.
But why? Just to visit a temple. Just to make sure that I do not annoy god so that I do not loose my bike as my father has done it once.
What and who is god? Who has seen him or has anybody seen him. Last year there was a cover story in “The Week” where they said that the probability of existence of God is 67%. Do not ask me how. But somehow they managed to frame him in term of numbers. And then there were arguments between those who believe in god and those who do not.
I, myself, have a great faith in God. But is it not strange we think of God when mostly, if not only, when we are in deep shit. Is he our crisis man who, we believe, will come and bail us out? He will do the unthinkable wonders for us. He is omnipresent and as the old saying goes, “Whatever happens, happens for our own good”, will only do things which are in our favor.
But is it not true, we do not think of god for achievable targets. We seek his help only for unachievable targets. Have you ever said “God, please help me in breathing”? Obviously I am assuming you are medically fit. Similarly for so many other things which come quite natural for us. We seek his help only when we lack self belief.
If you have a target to achieve, you know what percentage you can achieve and for what part you are not sure off. And there come all your expectations from God. He’ll suddenly appear from somewhere, pull you along to complete your race.

God is nothing but an equation.

God = Distance to your target from your location- distance you think you can travel easily.

I am not disparaging God, but he is simply our lack of self belief, and we have named him so. Probably that is the reason, so many confident, competent and successful men and women do not believe in god. Because they know, no one is going to bail them out of shit, only they can do it.
Whereas someone, at least in
India, who opts for unethical and socially & legally unacceptable, methods to get his means in life, will do everything to placate his form of God.
It’s very true that god resides inside you and every other human being. After all, no one is hundred percent confident in whatever he or she does. And if there is a person like this, it must be Lord Buddha or his re incarnation.

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