Friday, July 22, 2005

Proving a Fact!!

I am not so sure if I m really brilliant and finish off my work earlier than expected or my bosses have been shrewd enough to realize my true potential. Because “being busy” is the state of life I have always wished for and it has always eluded me. Be it my days in IT-BHU or IIM Calcutta, be it TCS or IBM…..I have always had more free time than most my other friends. Some of my friends claim to be so busy that they find it difficult to even reply mails or IMs. What crap……here I am getting sick with boredom and hoping that someone is kind enough to drop a mail to me or a IM will popup……but all in vain. When I started writing blogs, I thought I had found out a very good tool to utilize my time. But I’ve been so much without work that I am even running short of topics.

Well, one cannot be getting intelligent and brilliant bosses so consistently, so it must be my own skill and talent which has blessed me consistently with so much of free time. One day, all my friends who have been or claim that they have been very busy will reach the level my bosses have been. If first sentence is true, they are not that much skilled and talented. And this proves the point that one cannot be getting intelligent and brilliant bosses so consistently. And this proves that I am exceptionally brilliant. And there starts a cycle which will again and again prove that I have been intellectually better than my bosses. But this is a fact and you do not need to prove a fact. After all, do you need to prove that sun gives us heat? Or do you need to prove that color of our blood is red? Answer is simple…No.

It’s not because facts do not need any proof or no proof could be provided for them. It’s because they are too obvious to be proved. And………..forget it….someone has been kind enough to drop me a mail. Now I am going to bug him till he realizes that it was probably the biggest mistake of his life to do so….Haa Haa.

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