Friday, July 08, 2005


Just comming back from a meeting. Company wants to know our feedback on our stint with them. It was a session full of buzzwords, suggestions, strategy planning and what not. I had just one question. Who put me in the competency I am working? Bloddy I can't find even 2 of the three words, spelling the competency in which I am, together in my resume, and I was told that it perfactly suits for SAP. Neways how does it matter? Most of us do not make or take the decisions about what we are doing. Its always forced on us and we call it parental pressure or peer pressure or anything like that. And we proudly announce our philosophy, "I take the life as it comes". What crap? Tell me what else you can do apart from taking the life as it comes your way? Infact how many decisions do we really make indepentely? Right from the school we join to the girl we marry. Each and everyone is influenced by others. If you do not agree, lucky you.
Dunno what the hell I want to write? Its friday, next three nights will be submerged in drink people call alcohol. They will not be any different from other nights, but still one can booze without hinking of getting up early in the morning. Njaoi maddi...and say TGIF.


Unknown said...

This post reminds me..tomm I can say these holy four letters again..TGIF :):)

Unknown said...

This post reminds me that tomm I will say these four holy words again..TGIF!!