Monday, August 01, 2005

Cricket is back!!!

Finally the much awaited season for Indian cricket has started. Much waited because our generation’s most favorite news paper, and you all know why, has bored us enough by informing about the progress of Indian cricket. Sports page has been full of what Mr. foreign coach is doing and how he is going to reform our team. What exercise players are doing, with poster sized-pictures and what meals they are taking? What they have to say about their future and what their distant uncle’s neighbor has to. If you are looking for some sports news not related to this, try your luck. You might find a couple of lines about it somewhere near the corner.

About the matches, no batsman looked in form apart from Dravid. Batsmen are getting bowled because they are not able to judge the line. Sehwag is consistently dropping catches in slip region. Apart from Raina, every one has looked to be below their best in the field. Not sure what kind of tips, Mr. Chappel has given to the team. And so far both the matches have been played in, a welcome surprise, on bowler friendly pitches and against not such potent batting line-up. Bowling is yet to be tested.

About team combination, everyone was furious when India lost to Srilanka and there was no Kumble in the side. Tell me something, how do you get him in? I agree that he is a great bowler and currently enjoying the best time of his cricketing-life. But how to make a place for him? We had to play three pacers because conditions were so. And they did justice to their selection. Kumble would have played in place of Harbhajan but that would have changed only one thing. Harbhajan would have been receiving sympathies what Kumble is receiving now. Last option was to play six batsmen and five bowlers. After all we have such a formidable, though off late it has failed to deliver more often then not, batting line up. And if six batsmen cannot do the job, seven cannot do either. But if one looks at the record, it’s the seventh batsman who has been the savior in many cases.

Actually in conditions conducive to fast bowling, it’s a choice between Kumble and Harbhajan. And in these conditions only one can be included in the team, other will have to satisfy himself with 100 crore+ sympathies.

And team selection is going to be more troublesome as Laxman becomes fit, Dada comes back and Tendulkar’s elbow realizes that his game is cricket, not tennis. Then it will start what has been a bane for Indian cricket, a tussle for between current performances and past records as selection parameter. Seems like our problem is abundance of “potential talent”. But we have had that for so many years. It’s just that the potential has not been able in performing in most of the cases. But you never know about Indian cricket. Whenever you expect them to do well, they just don’t. And our expectation levels reach such a nadir that even an average performance after that seems to be excellent. But to their credit, whenever they’ve been considered as underdogs, they have done better than average.

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Uptown Girl said...

Hey, thought you were to write something else yesterday...what happened? No time? Btw...Sri Lanka vs WI was such a disaster...I mean 39/5...real bad!