Monday, August 22, 2005

Mangal Mangal!!!!!

An actor with tremendous potential, an off-beat director and a great music director, all with a backdrop of a great revolution. What do you expect? A good if not a great movie. But Mangal Pandey, the rising fails to fulfill this promise. All we get is extremely intense acting from Amir Kahn, 4-5 sensuous songs, tons of cleavage and a typical BollyWood movie bed scene. Otherwise the movie is much below the expectations built by Amir Khan’s Mangan Pandey appearances in last few years.

I have never been able to understand one thing. Why the hell on earth, every character in our movies must have a love story. He/she must sing songs, shed loads of tears and kiss only chins and cheeks when they are making love.

I hate reading but whatever history I have read, Mangal Pandey is not blessed with many words in history books. He seems to be a very small character in the great revolution. Still if Amir Khan and Ketan Mehta claim that they have done loads of research on the character, they deserve some credit. But what was the result of that research? Love stories?

Movie would have been much better if they would have given more importance to the symbols like “Roti” and “Lal Quila” than a Bengali widow sleeping with a British Officer. Wish they had paid more attention to the story than songs but making a movie in India without songs requires guts. Only Ramgopal Verma has those guts but unfortunately Mangal Pandey was neither an underworld don nor a ghost to interest Ramu.

All in all, it’s been an injustice to wait of four years for an Amir Khan movie. Yet another case of “would have been an epic tale”.


prem said...

Is it that bad!?
I guess there is something wrong with the director .. he always tries an off-beat way of making movies and that more often than not fails.

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

Its below expectation. Now its depends on u wht do u expect frm an amir khan flick.

Uptown Girl said... more reason why I shouldn't watch Mangal Pandey!

LoonyTalk said...

For some reason I believe that Aamir looked better in the Titan watch ad with his impressive moustache than in the movie. :D
And yeah, it was utterly disgusting to see a mujra shoved into a historical film!
Btw, as far as I know, Mangal Pandey isn't considered much of a hero by most historians as he is said to have jumped the gun prematurely forcing others to join in the battle while they were still not fully prepared...