Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Money Crunches!!!

It was a typical boring and tiring day. I thought of calling my sister in the evening and suddenly realized that I have been denied this facility. My mobile service provider releases a warning to pay some interim payment on 25th of every month and if I do not pay within two days, they show their supremacy. Whereas my mobile bill always crosses the ever increasing credit limit set for my account. Even after my repeated requests, they have not changed the date for making the payment. Wish they could understand the economic life cycle of my bank account. As a new month unfolds, it starts as a member of middle class society and it drops down below the line of poverty even before the last week has arrived.

Being a gregarious person, I always boast of having loads of friends, so just thought of borrowing some money. After all what are friends for?

First target was my college friends. And I was stunned to see not even a single reply for my loan application. And for two of my most trusted friends, they were almost computer illiterates few months back. Bloody where did they learn sending mailer-demons?

Next target were my room mates. I belong to underprivileged strata of bachelor’s society who share their shelter with same sex. One of my room mates gives stringent competition to my bank accounts poverty. Other one asked me to hold on for a second, and that second lasted for hours. I targeted few others in vain.

Its 31st today, hopefully my account will drastically change its social status.

But sometimes its fun when you are finically squeezed. When you pass by a gas station on your vehicle, you look at the gas station with dreams and your gas tank with worrying fear. You pass by an ATM and your heart fills up with loads of nostalgia. You start respecting your credit card more than your employer. And suddenly the four letter word ‘wait’ starts sounding longer then ever. But it is fun.


Spiff said...

aah.....first of the month....
It seems so far on 30th.....and on 31st u sort of put ur life on suspended animation for a day

worma said...

..reminds me of my early employement days....last week of the month was all eating out in fancy could eat only in 'credit card acceted' places....even tank-full on credit cards...actually it was kind of viscious cycle...because then half the salary went in clearing the card bills ;-)...ahh fun days