Monday, August 29, 2005

Murphy is smiling!!!

I am an optimist. I do not believe in Murphy’s laws. But the ‘Ashes’ is making me believe that when it starts going wrong, almost everything goes wrong. It happens to such an extent that a bad judge of a run tries to find an excuse in the law for substitute fielders. It pulls you to a level where you start defying your definition of Gentleman ness. Even the good balls start finding their way into the crowd, your best fielder starts dropping sitters and even terrible shots start falling yards from the fielders. Perhaps Murphy has chosen Australia as his guinea pig this time.
Too close for comfort. Nail biting. That’s what Ashes has been this year. Apart from the first match, Australia has been in trouble because of some excellent cricket played by their opponents. England has been in trouble because of their stupidity, although they have managed to get out of it almost every time.
Hats off to England for there outstanding performance. But one should not overlook Australian efforts. Their last two wickets were able to reduce the margin of defeat from over a hundred to just two runs. Next time, the last pair was able to deny the defeat by surviving hand-grenades from English pacers. And yesterday, when England was chasing a modest total, they made sure that entire Barmy Army was counting their heartbeats.
There is the difference between greatness and sparks of brilliance. Greatness is achieved by years of hard work, planning and whole lot of things. Sparks of brilliance could be your talent getting synchronized with the lady luck.
India played some very good cricket between years 2002 and 2004. Reasons could be a coach who could make the difference, a captain who could lead the side, young blood with refreshing attitude or many more. In fewer words, it was just another story of all the pieces falling into their places. But it was not greatness. As soon as lady luck alienated the individual talents we are so proud of, we find ourselves tottering against a side like Zimbabwe.
Look at Australia, ever since Alan Border took over, they started building it brick by brick. They achieved greatness. Even with terribly out of form Hayden and Gillespi, even with an injured Macgrath, even with a Gilchrist looking to compete with Parthiv Patel in stupidity, they can come close to squeezing the best English side we have seen in years. That is what expected from a great side. Even in their worst days, they are able to make a heart specialist a bit richer.
A lot goes in making a building, but it lasts for years. Accumulation can only give you a heap, and it cannot even survive the wind.


prem said...

very well written.

But for me, I am not getting into any kinda analysis as of now .. just enjoying this festival of cricket called Ashes.
Ofcourse, staying as far away as possible from Indian cricket!

worma said...

sure Aus is a great side, India is not. Well known fact, why compare ? Or why compare ONLY with them ? Sure aiming for the top is a good motto, but does that mean there's no achievement, no glory, no gratification on the way ?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Landure jaise dikhte Ho, lekin likhte acha Ho!