Thursday, August 04, 2005

Need credit cards???

“Good afternoon sir. This is Laxmi from so and so bank. Do you hold any credit cards…..?” Most of us get these calls everyday. They can come anytime no matter if you are in a meeting, driving, facing wrath of your boss or getting cozy with your spouse. And the very natural reaction is, “What the F****?”

These companies hiring these callers make sure that you get a call from opposite sex. Well I do not mind receiving calls in such mellifluous voices as I hardly listen to a female voice in office. There are only three of them in my team, one is of my mother’s age, one is married and the one of my age does not speak Hindi and English has always been a distant dream for me.

Ever since economic boom in the country, products like credit cards and mobile phones are fast becoming omnipotent. And now service and product providers are feeling a desperate need for all Indians to have these, as many as possible. They will try their best to reach you in as many ways as possible, be it telemarketing, direct selling, mails or anything else still in pipeline.

I do not know about other countries, but in India, mobile spams are not a rarity.

If I am not wrong, this strategy comes under target marketing. Target marketing applies concept of identifying groups of people (targets) who are more likely to buy your product or service and then delivering the message directly through direct marketing techniques.

These organizations get your contact numbers from various sources, recognize you as a potential customer and target you. But is the strategy as effective as it should be. I do not have any data with me to support any of my arguments. Perhaps one of ten potential customers turns to be an actual one. In fact the only credit card I hold is because of one of such telephone calls. So probably the strategy is effective, just that extent of effect is debatable. But what about getting calls from same organizations to buy their services or products even after your continuous denial? Accept it or not, these calls are irritating more often then not. And repetition irritates even more. This is one aspect of the strategy which needs lot of attention.

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Uptown Girl said...

Waise...calls from same organizations after denial is fine..but what when these calls come in even after you actually own Silver, Gold, Platium and all that crap cards? I keep getting calls from one such bank despite the fact that I actually own their card!!! It;s irritating and that's to put it mildly!!