Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Finally life is coming at its normal track in Mumbai. Although on of my friends told me last night that it is still raining there. No one knows extent of loss, be it tangible or intangible.

Although I am miles away from Mumbai, thanks to information media, I feel as if I have seen it all myself. You open any website, play any channel on television, chat with any of your friends or call anyone; there is a continuous flow of information about what is happening in Mumbai. In fact one of my friends was giving us a continuous update mails about the well being of my two other friends who were desperately trying to reach home.

Imagine same scenario few years ago, when access to internet meant that you must studying in one of the IITs, when carrying a mobile phone was a symbol of affluence and when DD was the only choice for most of us. You would have received same news and pictures hours, months later after all this happened. This tells us how the advent of new technologies has changed the meaning of life for us. You open your television and all entire channels will be showing you the same news with same picture, claiming that they were the first to get hold on them, and making sure if you miss it on one channel, you do not on other. This is true with every media. And suddenly you start getting bored, no matter what is the severity of the issue. One cannot watch same news all the time. On the other hand, these news providers try their best to sell it. No matter where you go, they will present you same dishes. If you do not want to watch wrath/pain of a common man, hang on. They will get you sexy Celina Jetley to share her experiences and she will tell you she did not move out that day because her cute, love and god knows what puppy was ill that day and how thankful she is to her puppy for saving her life. Or if you claim to be intellectually rich, they will arrange tons of talk shows for you. One thing is certain, they will make sure that you know that there has been flood in Mumbai, or a WTC has collapsed or Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan are having a fight over Aishwarya Rai or What colors Lalu Prasad used for this holi or………..and the list goes on and on.

We can’t blame them solely. They show it because we see it. So it’s our fault not theirs. But what we do not realize is that too much of information dilutes the issue. You can listen to your partner’s grievances once, twice or may be thrice but not every time and everyday. More the repetition more is the dilution of emotions we should attach with any event. One of the most basic traits of human nature is, “At the end of the day, it’s not my house on fire. Why should I bother?”. And too much flow and repetition of information/news brings this very much avoidable trait to the surface. You’ll remember an instance for your lifetime it someone died in front of you, but what if you are a butcher yourself?

This consistently increasing pace of information is making life easier for us, but it is also making humanity less important by imprisoning in our self centered world where I takes precedence over we.

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Uptown Girl said...

I was just saying this to my parents last night, after I reached home, drenched and cold! What's the use of showing the same pictures over and over on national news channels...
I understand Mumbai has sunk under water...and being a part of the city so was I...but the point is what does a person sitting in Delhi, Gurgoan or B'lore want to know about 10 feet of water in Kalina? It's important that the country should know that something terrible has happened...but the rest of the country doesn't want to see only that day in and day out for weeks! So you are right...too much of information takes away the seriousness of the issue completely!