Thursday, August 04, 2005

A painful thanks giving.

AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh…………..waiting desperately for my clock to tick 9:30. I have to because client wants to thank us for our hard work. Now there are two things wrongly placed. Number one, I did not do any hard work so why to hold me. And even if you want to thank me, thank you for your painful thank you. Actually my work is yet to get into production; else the same bugger would be asking my boss to hold me up in the office. I hope there is still sufficient time before this formal thank you turns formal threat.

And this clock is moving so slowly, I’ve absolutely no idea how to pass my time. And then I realize what else I have done since morning apart from clicking mouse here and there. So I’ll keep on doing it……btw the call is over and I m off….

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Spiff said...

Another case of thanks but no thanks