Monday, September 26, 2005

Earning 175k USD does take some doing!!!!

There is one thing I like about software industry. You are never short of any information. Greg Chappel wrote an email to BCCI few days back. It does take sometime to leak out such confidential documents, but just take few seconds to spread the word. I have received three copies of the mail from three different sources and in three different formats. And EOD still seems pretty far.

When BCCI started the most high profile quest in the history of world cricket, search for India’s coach, it was a fortune on offer. Contacts and brand image took precedence over the past proven records. BCCI managed to miss Dave Whatmore and hired the man with great aura and a huge mouth, Greg Chappel. It followed by loads interviews, news about his magical methods and magnanimous promises that he will change the fate of Indian cricket.

Within the first few months of his stint got started, we are facing the biggest controversy in last 5 years. To be fair, there has not been any controversy in Wright era. I do not want to get into the discussion of who should captain India or what should be the composition of final eleven. That is a different matter all together.

But if such is the chaos created, God help Indian cricket. If Ganguly was wrong in leaking out the talk between him and Chappel, who is responsible for the email leak out?

I agree that on batting performance, Ganguly does not deserve a place in the side. In Australia, they pick the best 11 first, and one of them captains the side. And if anyone performs below par, chuck him out. You chuck out one Mark Waugh, you get Katich. Michael Clarke forces out Darren Lehman. But this is India. We have not been able to find out a specialist opener ever since Gavaskar retired. Wicket keepers enter with loads of promise and disappear into oblivion with in no time. That’s what dada said when he was made captain, “We lack serious talent”. We do not have readymade talent as in Australia. We need to mushroom and groom talent and tolerate their failure. If dada is blamed to spoil Kaif’s and Yuvraj’s test career today, it’s his policies of being patient with them that they have groomed to become a threat. I do not want to comment on Ganguly’s inclusion in the side in the current squad. But what message you send across the team by saying that if you do not perform, just move out. No chances given, no questions asked.

Young brigade was the biggest gun in Ganguly-Wright era because it was given the confidence that the will to perform will get precedence over failures on the field. If you have will and talent, it does take command of the situation sooner or later.

Chappel missed the whole point here. He tried to be a bit too fast in his methods. It ended as a bit too furious. It was “Lets drop off the garbage ASAP” attitude. But we mostly have garbage. So you have to find out the best from the same lot again and again. We do not have many and ‘worth trying’ replacements. And such a step hampers the confidence of our over hyped (not their fault, mind you) cricketers badly. We are so used to of protected economy. A sudden free trade is seen as a murderer for us. But protection does bring in ‘must avoid’ complacency. To keep it away is a Himalayan task. But then, you do not get a suit in Taj Residency and 175 thousand USD for writing blogs.

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Spiff said...

i think u support ganguly and u know u r wrong so u rationalize a bit