Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Let's Just be Friends!!!!

I received a mail titled “of Break-ups & Friendships (written by a gal)”. It started with the lines “Let's just be good friends.”

And I could not help but agreeing with the rest of the content. The most painful words you can ever listen to if you have been in love. It is not my personal experience but I have been tired of writing about cricket. So why not write on something least expected from me.

It has always been the most painful bane of one sided love affairs. “Oh ho, you have been such a nice friend, let it be the way it has been.” “I see you as such a close friend, but I am sorry. You cannot be more than that”. Words feel like molten glass into your ears. You feel like killing the person who is designing and decorating you with adjectives and ending the sentence with a painfully killing six letter word “friend”.

“To hell with friendship, I am person good enough to have loads of friends.” “Bloody hell. I did not need to speak my heart out, just to find out if I was a good friend of yours or not. ” Come’ on. You cannot speak it out.

“You are a gem of a person, but not of my kind.” Or “I cannot help it if I like someone else”. Or “I am not the right person for you. I’ll only spoil your life”. These are the standard replies you get.

And you reply, “hmmmm….okay. That’s fine”. Not to forget, with a cute and crying smile on your face. But deep down you heart you are like “Wish I could kill you bitch/bastard”.

Slowly you start telling your self, “Life is much more than just valuing a person more than you should. Get on with it”. Alcohol and few friends come as a savior for you.

It is the decision time. If you have been intelligent enough to realize that life is bigger than a four letter word, it starts becoming better for you. But if you have been foolish enough to fall for the adjectives about your friendship, only God can help you. Its like a cancer, infection just multiplies. Chemotherapy is not the answer, only a surgery can heal it. As the time passes by, even a surgery may not save you. You spend nights and nights just to wait if a no will turn yes. But that does not happen. Because the other person knows, he/she has a perfect backup to fall upon. It becomes like smoking, you know it kills but just cannot live without your cigarette.

While your counterpart simply enjoys the attention you give to him/her. But you cannot help but let him/her enjoy. May be you become a bit too wary of loosing out on the sunk cost. The wait for the pain to end continues.

Meanwhile, if you have been suffering by the trauma explained above, simply avoid me. In true sadist spirits, I’ll make you feel the pain even more than it actually is.


Anonymous said...

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Spiff said...

you and you pseude blogs...
wake up man...life is not a sitcom

Infinite said...

just came across your blog..
nice post - i say!!

i know, the 'just friends' thingie doesnt work n all.. but to have an 'illusion' of something more - is worse..

makes sense?

Anonymous said...

When the "let's just be friends" hammer falls, why the big surprise? If you are honest with yourself, you knew all along it was comming. You should know within 15 min. or so of meeting a woman if there is any chance at all. And I don't mean joining her book club or long walks/afternoon coffee with even longer talks. Most straight men don't do "friends" with attractive women. Pay attention,always be polite but move on if there is nothing there. Don't waste your time!!!