Thursday, September 15, 2005

Let's Laugh.

Are you sick of Ekta Kapoor’s painful soap operas which are all about family problems, extramarital affairs and loads of tears? Where no one is a legitimate child of his/her parents? Watching one single episode means you cannot have the courage of watching the entire serial for next few months. And if you are stupid enough to watch it again after few months, you wonder as if time stood still for last few months.

Ever since cable TV entered our lives, lot has changed. As far as I remember, it all started in early 90s. Before that, it was all Doordarshan. And DD always ensured that entertainment through television was a luxury. Consider yourself lucky if you get 2 movies a week, forget asking what movies. You get to few some songs every week in Chitrahar or Rangoli. Although they were so repetitive that sometimes radio sounded better than your television set. As far as sports, you were at complete mercy of DD.

But things started changing in 90s. It’s changed so much that I wonder if people, especially in cities and town, remember that there is a channel called DD.

But excess of everything is bad. If DD provided entertainment like a trickle, cable TV is pouring it in abundance. But excess kills quality. And you do not only know it, you feel it when you reach home everyday. We just swap channels instead of watching anyone of them.

But after so many years I have liked a TV serial so much that I actually watch commercials in each episode as well, just to make sure I do not miss anything. And it is true with most of the people I know. “India’s Greatest Laughter Challenge” is like a new product in the world of TV serials. It falls in the category of “Meri Aawaz suno”, or “Fame Gurukul”. But skills tested deserve much more respect than they have been credited with.

To be a singer, you must be blessed with an audible voice. And then you can learn singing. But to be a comedian, its all about your wits and timing, you do not need any god gift. To make it more difficult, no one can teach how to make others laugh. Plus, you need to be an excellent observant.

Comedy is such an ironical art. A below average singing performance can easily avoid crowd’s rage. But a slightly below average comedian, forget it. Crowd will teach you the meaning of the word “nightmare”.

But this serial makes sure that you have few tickles it not a loud laughter. At least their top three performers always force you to smile. Be it “Buddha Gabbar” by Raju Srivastava or “ Bhavnaon ko samjho” by Sunil Pal or hilarious style of Ehsan Quraishi.

Keep going guys. I have paid in five figures for my television set. I want a payback.

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Spiff said...

u mean to say u actually watched an episode or 2