Thursday, September 08, 2005

Man is an animal: A social one.

One of my friends has suggested me to read a book called "How to win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. I’ve just gone through the brief of the book, courtesy google. It suggests not to criticize, condemn or complain, to give honest and sincere appreciation and to arouse in the other person an eager want along with other tons of things. All in all, it teaches us to just be goodie-goodie. The book seems to be talking a lot about friendship and love as well.

But is it not common sense not being very common. All of us want everything to be nice to us. We all like others being polite to us, we all like criticism in its sweetest sugar coated packing. Who does not want to be pampered by others? But like a true fast bowlers, even though we love to receive juicy full-tosses while batting, we try our best to deliver hostility while bowling. When we are down, we want others to show the niceties of an angel, but never miss a chance to pass the harshest of comments. Hypocrisy and humans start with the same alphabet. Politeness and humbleness are rare entities.

Or probably it’s the animal instincts in human blood. Even in this age when modernization belongs to the list of clichés, murdering a human is not completely illegitimate. One just has to have a reason for it, be it war or capital punishment.

Similarly love is not the first word starting from L. Lust is. The greed to satisfy one’s basic needs will always supersede the intellectual richness of humans. And it will never let us learn the meaning of love. To love someone, you may not see him/her at all, leave aside talking or meeting. But human mind starts from meeting and ends at mating. Lust wins over love. It’s your greed for meat like animals. This want for meat is to mate.

Probably man is not destined to be a human. He will remain an animal forever. Just that he calls himself a social animal.

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