Monday, September 12, 2005

Raining Ashes!!!

I am not an Australian supporter. Neither have I carried any form of animosity against England team. All I wanted was a good cricket series. And what a wonderful series it has been.
But I do believe in destiny and my belief has been strengthened by the way rain god showed his bias towards England. England wrapped up Australia’s 7 wickets with in the span of few overs. But it was a blessing in disguise for Australia. From that point on, only two results were possible.
Either England could bat out for 90 overs or so, score 300 odd runs and try to bowl out Australia in nearly 50 overs. Most likely result was a draw.
Second possibility was that Australia could bowl England out for a small total and then chase it. And if overcast condition could help Hoggard and Flintoff so well, they would have definitely helped Macgrath even more. Plus, there was, more than even desperate to take wickets, Shane Warne to tackle. He claimed England’s highest scorer of the first innings with a hard new ball. God knows what was in store for the future. But unfortunately for Australia, it was just dark and gloomy clouds. If Shane Warne was given a chance to make a wish, he would have wished night vision for English eyes.
I liked the way English and Australia supporter’s reactions. One party was too eager to show off their umbrellas where as the other one was dying to take their shirts off. It really cannot get better then this.
Today Australia has only 98 overs to protect their 16 years old glory. A result is very unlikely. But Warne will believe that “It takes just 10 balls to get a team out.” Yet another engrossing day of cricket is insured. But no matter how small the cloud is, it can always hide the sun.

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