Friday, September 02, 2005

Resuffling the Pecking Order.

Ian Chappel predicted a 3-1 result before the series. And it could well be true. What a great Oracle? Only difference is, it’s exactly opposite to what he predicted. After 16 years, England is all set to bring its glory back. The last test at Oval will reshuffle the pecking order in test cricket.
Picture looks perfect for England but for Simon Jones’ ankle. Their batsmen are in form and more importantly leg byes are not the only options for them against Shane Warne. Flintoff seems to have decided to send Ian Bothom into oblivion.
They just need to find out a hiding place on the field for their “best fielder” Pietersen. He belongs to a different breed all together. Rahul Dravid made us wait for ages to score his first test ton. Agarkar took 6 years to get his first five wicket haul in tests. But why just talk about batsmen and bowlers. Pietersen has decided to earn some respect for fielders also. And whole country is waiting for his first catch.
Picture does not look so rosy for Australia. Macgrath is still fighting injuries. People run away from retirement. Heyden seems to be doing exactly opposite. Gillespi is making all kinds of terrifying faces but still not tasting any success. Looks like as if even lady luck has decided to use her travel Visa.
Australia has ruled the world cricket for so many years. I think it’s high time some other team takes over. This is extremely essential for cricket to sustain as a game. Even a 2-1 lead has made it the numero uno game in England. Just wish, one day, India also realizes its belongingness pecking order.

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worma said...

sure...y not..a change in world order is most welcome...but lets remember, Eng have a long long way to go to become the top team (and I'm not even mentioning the dominant team). They have to beat a lot of countries at home and on tour. Two big steps await them this season in the form of India and Pakistan. Then they have to do it against Aus down under, India at home...and then I think they are there.
And yeah, lets hope India rises above the slight blip they've had in their test run. We are still number three...lets see if by end of this season we can maintain it. Giving a run to no. 2 would be a bonus.