Friday, September 16, 2005

Stop "Ganguly Bashing!!!!"

“I have always been the whipping boy.” That’s what Suarav Ganguly said when he failed to earn a berth in Asian XI playing against African XI. Forget it, there are some very good in-form batsmen in Asia. You cannot completely disagree with the selectors even if you stay in Behala. Even I did not disagree with the selectors.

Today, Dada scored a hundred against Zimbabwe. It was a slow one. Although I have not seen the match, but I am sure it must have been a patchy one. But an international hundred is a hundred. And it did help India in scoring a match winning score. No matter how many balls Ganguly faced how many lives he got and even he managed to run out Laxamn by his notorious running between the wickets, he does deserve a pat on his back. Instead, all my colleagues were praying for him to get out ASAP. “Ganguly should be thrown out”. But tell me why? And tell me who will replace him as a captain.

Let’s get this straight. Ganguly is not in the side for his batting prowess, he is in the side for his leadership qualities. Leave aside his record, he has been instrumental in grooming talents like Sehwag, Yuvraj, Kaif, Pathan and many others. A good captain is not just about winning; it’s also about designing future.

Ganguly has been more successful than other captains in the recent past.

Forget it all. If you remove Ganguly, someone will have to captain the side. Tell me who? We have very few options,

1. Dravid, but do you put your backbone over your head? He goes out to bat within the first few overs because more often then not, Sehwag’s madness gets precedence over his madness. Agreed, let him captain the side. But remember, with Sachin never fully fit, you risk of loosing your best batsman. And then Ganguly and Dravid are of same age. It does take some time to mature as a captain. By the time Dravid matures as a captain, time for him to say goodbye will not be far away.

2. Sachin, but we have seen him in the past. He is a great cricketer but a poor motivator. And his injuries are so fond of creating epic tales. For his name in the squad, rarity has taken precedence over regularity.

3. Sehwag, a remote possibility. But looking at the current side, only he has the certainty of a place among the youth brigade. But its way too early to let him lead the side.

Mike Brearly played 39 tests for England with a batting average of 22.88. He captained England in 31 tests, won 18. Brearly is regarded as the best cricket captain ever played for England. Looking at his record, it is crystal clear that he could hold on to his English cap only because of his captaincy skills.

Compared with him, Ganguly averages 38 as a captain. Why cannot we do the same with Ganguly? Just that England had a very good option as Brearly (Botthom played under him); we do not have any choice.. His last year has been a total disaster. But name one player who has performed consistently since then. Even Dravid was clueless in the series against Australia. Just give Ganguly one more chance as a captain. I agree if he is not captaining the side, he does not deserve a place in the side.

But I admire Ganguly for his grit, mental toughness and determination. When the entire country is against him, he is standing tall and scoring runs. Does not matter to me if its against Zims, a test hundred is a test hundred.

To hell with Behala if it does not support Ganguly, I support out Indian captain.


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Spiff said...

mebbe u have changed ur opinion with newer facts coming to light

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

facts may not tell u the true picture always

Amitosh Mishra said...

few writings are interesting.. Vibhash..

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