Thursday, October 06, 2005

My First Flight.

If given a choice between getting up late and getting killed, I would pick the former. But you do not get many choices in life. That is what happened to me today morning. I was so used to of getting late around 10:30 in the morning. I had to wake up at 7 today.

First atrocity of changing cities. It all started by a flight journey, the first of my life. I was thrilled, nervous, chirpy and loud as usual. I made some 10 calls to my friend to share my feelings. But bloody hell, all of them become busy as soon as I want them not to be. But I still managed to keep them engaged over the phone. I was so loud that I feared if those guys would throw me out.

Everyone was wishing me a safe journey and a beautiful neighbor. Traditionally I have never been lucky with the fairer sex in my journeys. It’s just twice that I’ve had the privilege of a female co passenger. Once I kept my self busy playing with a little kid, on the other occasion I ran into “Shobhna Fiasco”. Traditions smiled at me and my co passenger turned out to be a 90kg giant.

Anyways, the flight took off. I was wondering how come tall Bangalore buildings were looking like tiny toys, how beautiful were the clouds, the sky was so clear above the clouds. And suddenly all these heavenly feelings disappeared into the fear of heaven or may be hell. The flight had run into some cloud, so the pilot decided to decrease the altitude and the plane fell freely for only a couple of seconds. I thought we were going to crash.

I realized two things in two seconds. First, human mind will always be better than any processor. I could visualize the entire series of “The Lost”. Second, if I really love something, it is my own life. Everyone is scared of death.

But everything was safe and fine. I was back into clouds again. Few moments later, I shifted from the land of “hallis” to the land of “vadis”.

During the flight I realized, for every cloud, there was a cloud higher than it trying to touch the sky. But even the highest cloud could not touch the sky because sky does not exist. But the water on earth is always valued more than the highest cloud trying to touch the sky.