Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pawar Play!!!!!

Cricket is a flourishing business and we need a businessman to run it. This is what the logic given when people like Jagmohan Dalmia and IS Bindra, who might have note even held a bat ever, were leading BCCI. It did make business sense as BCCI grew richer and richer at the cost of some non-sensical cricketing decisions. Obviously, for a business man, business takes precedence over cricket. And now politics is taking precedence over cricket because we have a prime ministerial candidate running the organization.

Politics is all about relative power gap between you and your opponent, be it strengthening yourself or weakening him. Chuck out all those who brought in opponent Dalmiya’s candidate dada into the side. Gopal sharma, Yashpal Sharma and Pranab Roy dropped as national selectorsn and Sanjay Jagdale, an old pro along with Bhupinder Singh (Sr.) and Ranjib Biswal form the replacing party. Let’s discount the reason for the change in selection policy; it might well be a thanksgiving act. As per the new team, none of them have even a single test cap under their kitty.

Next step is placating your financers. Zee gets the telecasting right on the very next day. New sponsors are invited and the way rights have been sold, we might never see Bhogle and co. commenting on Indian team.

Next, its time for rectify the mistakes. Dada had a controversial inclusion in the side before the series. But once he was, he deserved his chances. Channai was washed off. He played to respectable and crucial knocks in Kotla and got admiration from Chappel and Dravid. Within hours dada is dropped off. Income the Mumbai kid Jaffer with a 267 against delhi. Jaffer has had his chances in seven matches and was not spectacular. Agreed his recent performances have been good enough to earn a place in the side but do we need a third opener in the side at the cost of a middle order batsman. And does it make sense to give Jaffer’s domestic record precedence over international performances by Kaifs, Rainas.

If you bring him in, let him have his chances. That’s the principle Indian cricket has followed in last 5 years. But with the change at top, principles seem to be taking a walk back to the era of 90s.

Pawar play seems to be all set to bring back the dominance of affluence and politics to the Indian cricket. Don’t be surprised if all these VRV Singhs and RP Singhs turn out to be AW Jaidis of early 90s.