Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Being Gay

Disclaimer: Ladies, gentlemen and the others, before you get any ideas, let me assure you that my sexual orientation is as straight as possible. In case you disagree, get a babe in front of me. My way of hungrily ogling at her as if she is some alien and I've never ever seen her, will be a proof enough for you to prove it. I am writing this post about homosexuality because I've always found the entire phenomena more than strange.

Assuming my disclaimer has been credible enough, let's start. Some days back, I was having a conversation with two females about a notoriously romantic Mumbai beach. Although the romanticism was replaced by a wierd topic, homosexuality in few minutes. Being torch bearer of our so called intellectually rich and mentally bold generation, they were in complete agreement with the concept. Their argument had a clear majority of 67% in a population of 3. "Let be open minded enough for the people to decide who they want as their partners". This is what I got to hear again and again.

People from UP have a very unique and common trait. Being true democrats, they always support majority. Go check the political trends in the state. It's just the mere existence of a 13 letter word constitution has denied us a government which has no opposition.

However, I defied this trend that evening. For all heterosexuals out there, I fought till the very last that evening and came out winning.

But being a gay, life would really be difficult. Let's discuss a normal scenario. Approximately half of the population would always be of your opposite sex. So you have to choose from a population of 50%. At least half of that will get rejected based on your search parameters assuming you are not desperate enough to have none. We are left with just 25%. At least half of them will reject you assuming based on their search parameters assuming they are not desperate enough to have none. And then the battle starts. 50% fighting for 12.5%.

For a gay, hardly 2 out for 100 might have that tendency. Hardly 1% speaks out about it and let the others know about their deviation from manly/womanly traits. Even if we broaden our base for selection/rejection parameters, the chances of finding the right partners are less than 1%. Provided they have the selection base of 100%, this is a real bad choice.

Now for the famous argument of freedom to choose love irrespective of sex, why not make animal sex socially acceptable too. Let the freedom of choosing love rest with the individual, be it male/female/animal/ghosts/anything else you can think off.

I can buy the point of getting emotionally attracted/dependent on someone or anyone. But getting sexually attracted? Sexual attraction between opposite sex is a law of nature. If you deny that, it should be treated that as an abnormality needing medical attention. Imagine, what if everyone turns gay? Wish Mandel had thought about this angel in reproduction cycle of life and given a new philosophy/theory.

PS: These are entirely my views expressed on a public forum. So in case you are a gay, please forgive me because I can't start loving you.


Anonymous said...

i don't want to comment on this topic ......however i just want to ask u something on a different context....i was reading in a newspaper recently about the mba people from IIM that they hv "lots of money but no home to carry to" do u comment on this?do u have any personal feeling

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

put ur name dude/dudette....thn we will talk.