Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Maine Baba Ko Dekha Hai!!!

Banaras, ever since I heard about the movie, I was thrilled and filled with nostalgia. Having spent 4 years of my student life, decision to watch the movie was completely forced by a desire to see the city on 70mm. This desire was satisfied, but this was the only desire to be satisfied.

Movie starts with an orphan scene with Naseeruddin Shah aka Baba seeing an orphan infant and picked up by a sweeper. The kid is names Sohan and Baba inexplicably changes his name to Soham. Perhaps Himesh Reshamiya composed the background score thinking the name is Soham and the mistake was realized half way through the movie was done.

The kid grows up on the Ghats of Banaras and somehow manages to pick up the knowledge of music in depth. Oh yeah, he has a six pack too. I always wonder how come most of the bollywood heroes are born and brought up on streets and yet manage to have six pack iron pumped bodies. Also, no matter what, all have them manage to hold on to a babe. Bloody, I still belong to the under privileged strata of the society in this regard.

The guy belongs to a lower caste and faces adversities to such an effect that heroine's dad doesn't let him even touch his feet. However, he does not have much of a problem if his daughter romances with the hero in front of his own eyes and in public. Try doing it in Banaras. Having known the city well, it'll remind Adam that once he gifted you his apples and it's high time he should get them back.

Our love birds happily roam around on the streets of BHU with hands in hands. This reminds me of my friends in college days that had the privilege of a female company. You do it once and would realize the meaning of the phrase "Protective brothers for their sisters" again and again on next few days.

Suddenly the hero gets killed, heroine turns insane and the real pain starts. They get a psychiatrist to get her treated whose every breath seems to be his last. A psychiatrist for his life is shown to be psychologically so weak that even an insane girl can make him cry every time he sees her. By the time you decide to quit the movie before your patience runs out to see "The End" on screen, there is a twist in the tale. Baba turns out to be a ghost who died centuries ago. His existence is doubted by mortals. But he is charismatic to an extent that he can give some well known and respected Babas run for their money. He can treat lung cancer of final stage by just a look of his. Now every soul which is showed to have a mix of divinity in it starts claiming that " Maine baba ko dekha hai". In fact the movie should have been named so, "Maine baba ko dekha hai".

Some incidents hurt the heroine, who has a never ending name when pronounced, Shwetambari so much that she decides to move from the dirty, dusty, badly managed Banaras to a beautifully built see facing, at least Rs. 20,000/- per square feet worth bungalow in Mauritius and gets into the easiest business of preaching people. Finally movie ends after a lot of spiritually combined emotional shit.

Director has tried his best to be consistent about the ground rule set by Ramu's "Vastu Shastra". Ghosts are most of the times in whites.

In fact the movie sets a good platform about a real comic sequel. If you have been stupid enough to buy the tickets and see the movie (buying the ticket and not watching it could have been an intelligent move), imagine what if Shwetambari turns out to be a lesbian with her hot assistant or his male assistant had an affair with her mother Dimple or the Police Inspector had hots for Dimple's brother Mahamaaya or…..its all open to imagination.


Anonymous said...

You will keep chasing the green ccolor currency all your life, thats your destiny. You seem xtremely insecure and don't know what you seek.

Wake up!

SR said...

"This reminds me of my friends in college days that had the privilege of a female company."

who was that luck one yaar...kuch tips dilwao..

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

@ anonymous....saw ur comment today...if u ever happen to visit this page, please drop in your name..i am desperate to know this wake up call provider