Saturday, April 22, 2006

Pyare Mohan!!!

Two of the most overrated actors in bollywood, a director apt at making love stories like “Dil” to vulgar epic like “Masti”, an effort to make a comedy by wasting of couple of talented actors at the cost of utilizing the so called high profile stars. That is what Inder Kumar’s “Pyare Mohan” is all about. Thankfully there are not much of poetic dialogues having potential to cause headache.

Movie starts with Boman Irani, playing an underworld don, going into the masquerade of death. With his death, die your hopes of seeing situational comedy in the first half. Pyaare and Mohan are modern deaf and blind of and old flick of B&W era, “Dosti”. “Pyare” and “Mohan” might have been physically challenged but they are blessed with every other possible art be it dancing, martial arts, singing, playing music instruments with an expertise one might take ages to achieve. They can cross buildings in such a way that could have made even Spiderman proud. But director has a justification for that. They were both stuntmen in films and an accident on the sets is the genesis of their disabilities. With in a few minutes they are able to do something I’ve not been able to do in my entire life. They fall in love that too at first sight. There loves rather cleavage revealing beautiful bomb Amrita Rao and the macho daughter of a macho father Isha Deol ditch them and rush to Bangkok. They happen to witness a murder committed by my hope for comedy in the movie, Boman Irani but strangely get acquiesced for the same. Next is the most realistic phase of the movie, TV channels showing the news again and again to an extent so that everyone gets to know about. Hence our heroes land up in Bangkok. They break commissioner’s car which is such a big crime that they end up in central jail and meet their beloveds. Somehow they all manage to run away and catch a transporter to get them India at the cost of USD 50k. Bloody it’ll take me at least 3 years to save that much if my VISA processing starts tomorrow and I go to airport straightaway after getting it. Finally we reach a typical multi star-cast movie climax where couple of heroes beat up millions of villains. Only difference is, the heroes were deaf and blind this time.

Vivek Anand Oberoi, changed name doesn’t seem to bring him any luck, and Fardeen Khan, perfect example of “you should know the place you should be born”, try making you laugh with some age old jokes and pathetic acting. Both of them deserve an oscar for putting the most expressionless faces to the camera. Every time I see a comedy movie, I badly miss Govinda in it.

Isha deol has been a real macho that seems to have bullied Amrita Rao for handing over her dialogues.

Boman Irani has been a waste of the talent. So has been the guy who has played his brother.

But the movie is not as bad as some of the recent movies I have seen. Especially the songs are audible and thankfully no Himesh Reshamiya to counter with.


Anonymous said...

movie kaisi bhi ho par yaar teri angreji sudhar gai hai

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yaar, this is too trivial a topic (movie-reviews) for you to blog. am expecting some bigger/larger issues here and your thoughts/views about them.
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