Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Darna Jaroori hai-A Comic bluff

A character goes to a movie hall, ask for Samosa and get a pack of popcorns which last for the first half of the movie. This is the level of directorial mistakes Ram Gopal Verma's factory has emulated.
Darna Jaroori Hai is Ramu's another crack at the world of non- existents, the ghosts and their stories. As a producer-director, Ram Gopal Verma gives us some hope of being a savior from Yash Chopra's terribly boring love sagas or Karan Johar's never ending Family Dramas. But unfortunately he has restricted his world of movies to either underworld or Ghosts.
However, we must salute Ram Gopal Verma for his guts to experiment. Single movie, 6 different stories and each directed by a different director. It comes as a relief in the world of Bollywood where a so called legend Yash Chopra has naver had the guts to sway away from love stories or Su raj Badjaatya means only painfully long family dramas. To start your career as a Video Cassette Library owner and reach a level where you are helping others making their debut, is an effort which needs applauds.
The movie starts with a story which most logically proves that the mere existence of ghosts and the entire concept is just the genesis of human mind. It's the lack of belief in your senses because of which the belief in extra natural species rises.
Rest of the movie continues on the same lines of "Darna Mana Hai", the previous part of the movie. Even the best story is a total lift from the earlier movie. You feel like as if you are watching a skit / play competition where every team wants to showcase what it has in store for you and rush off.

The movie seems to be a comedy instead of a horror and you wonder if Ram Gopal Verma might have bluffed you for that. If someone will be really benefited from the movie, it will be Mallika Sherawat. She looks really real while portraying herself as a witch. So if she isn't getting the challenging, the off beat, the "need potential to act" roles, she can knock the Ramsey Brother's camp. They can give her a chance to play to her potential as an actress and otherwise. Initially I thought the movie as a complete waste of money, but after watching Aishwarya Rai's Hollywood venture and much awaited "Mistress of the spices", "Darna Jaroori Hai" doesn't seem to be that pathetic.


Spiff said...

Hey y has everu1 caught the fad of trashing Ash.....ok she may not be he greatest actress or work in the besyt movies...but she is good looking man...give her some credit.....

i get the feelin tht ppl feel tht she doesnt desreves the success she has...so..u r not the vigilante..dont slag her to make the balance rite

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Mamta said...

"Mistress of the Spices" par bhi jara prakash daliye..I wanted to see it since long but after reading this..:)