Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Females in the ATM

Ever since electronic currency entered my wallet, I stopped carrying cash along with me. Being a spendthrift, that forces me to be in the vicinity of an ATM all the time and has increased the number of visits I have to make to it.

So I landed into one of the ATMs last evening only to realize the power of weaker sex once again. As ever, I was the last person in the queue with 4 divas trying to lead (???) me. If I was in the process of realization, they were in the process of self actualization. Everyone was so tensed about their withdrawal as if they were going to face the exam of their life. And as soon as they entered the ATM, they started doing something not associated with women, "think". Some great philosopher said, all great ideas come when you are replying to nature's call because that is where you take privilege of your privacy and think. It's somewhat different for women. They invariable do the soul searching inside an ATM, need not be alone. It could be in group, on phone or whatever.

But they are extremely methodical while dealing with the ATM. They check if on the two consecutive wrong entries of PIN the machine gives you a warning or not, then confirm the PIN with some one out side. Next is the time to take out the mini statement and balance enquiry follows. "Yeah, the final figure in both must match."

ATM for them is like a play ground, the guinea pig and they just love experiments. So if you are waiting outside, keep waiting. I have actually seen two females discussing the menu of the machine in the context of "if then else" scenario with a long queue outside it. Once I did a survey about the same. On an average, males take 40 seconds and females 2 minutes for their withdrawals.

Finally after some 10 minutes I was obliged with an entry in side the ATM. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. The lady who was standing ahead of me in the queue had come back to check if she has forgotten her purse there and wanted to come inside only to find out there was nothing which could have been seen from outside as well.

Actually government of India must take a note and should order banks to have separate ATMs for both sides of sexual divides. A PCO, some beauty equipments, software to match the mini statement and balance enquiry figure, a television are a must for female ATMs. You can add to this list for sure.


Spiff said...

Tips to improve your post--

at the start u can mention the episode of friends where chandler gets stuck with a beautiful model and how u were not so lucky even tho u r every bit as gud a bufoon he was....

Then along with the final figures must match comment--u can refere ot finacc classes in a nostalgic manner

and in the end u cud hint tht thr was promise for somethin more...so the whole episode was more interestin

Astha said...

this idea should b implemented as early as possible.....
ladies r in need of such atm centres.
ofcourse the fair sex should get a reservation over such menial job!!!!
in the regime of soniya gandhi, we can hope this wud b done soon,,,,
so thnx vibhash for gvn a food for thought!!!!

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