Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I have always wondered the continuance of life. For continuance of a species which is mortal, one needs reproduction. You need almost equal population of the entities which help carrying on the process, i.e. members of both side of the sexual divide.

But I could hardly spot the equality. During my graduation, the fairer sex occupied merely 6% of the entire pie. I do not remember the data for next two years at work but it was not significant. Post graduation occupancy was definitely better than the graduation days with nearly 14% but I was still bamboozled. My state continued till I ended up in my current organization.

The organization seems to be determined to actually mean the term gender equality. Every morning I see a plethora of new females walking in to take a revenge of their so called suppression by males for ages. Every morning, my childhood dream of being surrounded by divas comes true. Please do not doubt my sexual orientation but it really feels uncomfortable to me for whom the fairer sex has always been a breed not very different to aliens. I always felt like a tourist whenever I saw one worth looking.

But every dream has a price. And what price I am going to pay? Historically, the ratio of females has been low in corporate world. But now organizations seem determined to improve it. Why? One of the silliest reasons given is, to improve the work culture. But what about the efficiency which might be jeopardized? May be it's a well thought-off, preferred and revenue increasing move so that organizations thriving on per hour rates increase the numerator.

Hence, the acceleration to improve the ratio. But as Newton suggested in one of his laws, you always need a force to generate the acceleration. The force is to give preference to so called weaker sex. And the same force might be denying the opportunities for stronger sex, somewhere. This is again an invisible, unintended reservation. And with reservation for supposedly suppressed races in private sector not beyond sight, imagine the life for males in upper castes. The pie of opportunities seems to be getting smaller and smaller for them and competition is ever so increasing. I wonder how the life is going to be for non-achievers. May be we are headed back to the days when Brahmin was a sugar coated word for beggars. God bless them.

PS: The act of writing has been done in testing conditions of "being idle at work", "heavy hangover" and "ever so empty mind". This post has also been written to intend pun and show my humor. Please do try to find it. If you are not able to, close the browser. Please do not doubt my non existent logic and start sending hate mails.

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Spiff said...

well i tried...

slef deprecation is one of the toughest form of humour...and this shows ur confidence..however i wish i had the same confidence in you....half the things seem true so the attempt at humpour is smwht lost