Friday, June 23, 2006

Please let me in!!!

Resuming office after resuming health is never easy. You just don’t feel like giving up the leisure of rest you have become accustomed to. But good health comes at some price.
I realized in the bus that I had forgotten the key to my office, my access card. Suddenly I was tempted to jump off the bus but I was way too far off my shelter to do that. I was told that it is easier to go back home and get your card rather than getting a duplicate card but then, my workplace and residence happen to be at two opposite extremes of the city. It was the time to realize it.
I was told at the gate by the security to get them confirmed by my manager that I was a genuine employee of the company. But it’s not that easy in the morning because people prefer replying nature’s call rather than your call. To make it worse, I had just changed my cell hence my phone book was not as rich as the earlier one. So I was waiting & waiting at the gate for any familiar and senior face to tell the security to let me in. Finally the collaboration of my networking skills and common sense helped me getting through the first barrier of security at the gate. Next was the notoriously famed administrative department. I was not only asked for all my details but also a photo ID card. Suddenly I felt like traveling in a third AC compartment on a Tatkal ticket. Enough of cribbing!!! The wait was going to be over. They were going to hand over my temporary access card to me. But hey, wait!!!! All I got was a piece of paper Xeroxed in the worst possible manner and with a signature even simpler then mine. That means in a company premises where you are being searched at the gate like Indians get searched at US airports (even my lunch box is seen with suspicion), you can roam around freely just on the basis of a piece of paper. Get it printed, sign it and do what you want. It was a perfect example of security being risked in the name of cost cutting.
Actually the entire concept of outsourcing companies runs on cost cutting. Hence they try to cut it down wherever possible with HR & Administration falling as the easiest of preys. They are treated as cost centers with extreme emphasis on cost reduction wherever possible. To hell with the good side they produce which obviously comes at a cost.
The strategy looks fine for a gorilla approach, but for growing as a part of a strong industry in a futuristic vision, this may lead to a catastrophe. One of my colleagues predicts our industry to head the typical Marwari way, may be there is some truth in his vision.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Some of My Quotes.

These are entirely my original creation. Although some of you may and will have other opinion, but if there is any similarity with the words you happen to hear or overhear sometime somewhere, it must be either a complete coincidence or my fame has emulated such a stage where people have started quoting me. If any of these hurt your sentiments, you can very well elaborate the acronym FO.
  • Satisfaction is like a mirage. You can see it from a distance, but its non existent as soon as that distance is covered.
  • Old memories are like shit-pots. One must flush them regularly else they start stinking.
  • Everyone wants to go to heaven but no body wants to die.
  • Alcohol kills slowly, but who is in a hurry.
  • Alcohol is God’s best gift to mankind. I takes you closer to him.
  • Life is a bitch. Its okay if it bites you, try doing the other way round and you will be termed an insane monster.
  • Love is like reverse sweep. Looks good only if it comes off else you regret trying it.
  • Emotions are like the drunk drivers. Just let them drive and you never know where you going to end up.
  • I wasn’t asked when I was born. I cant be held answerable if I want to die.
  • Difference between life being fair and unfair is a four letter word called Luck.
  • I was looking for complete job satisfaction. I quit and remained unemployed forever.
  • Logic is like a distorted mirror. Every angle has its own meaning.