Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lage raho….

Yet another effort of generation awakening through a radio show. But it has been an entertaining effort. “Lage Raho Munnabhai” is a sequel to the previous hit “Munnabha MBBS”. But director has been intelligent enough by not connecting the two. It’s a fresh new movie; just the brand “Munnabhai” has been en-cashed. By making a sequel has saved his efforts of character building. And by not connecting this to the previous one has saved his efforts of carrying the burden of the previous movie which could have caused hara-kiri as in “Phir Hera Feri”. In fact most sequels fail because the next movie is made to encash the success of the previous one. Where as the first movie is already a complete movie in itself. So you have to mould the “the end” of the first part in the second movie. Aaaahhhh…………I am getting confused myself. The bottom-line is, the sequel seems to be better than the first movie.

The best part is, even though the movie is full of bollywood drama, it still conveys a message, tickles you with jokes you can share with your mom and grand mom. The movie is not like Karan Johar’s never ending traumatic love stories or RGV factory’s either “Bhoot” or “Bhai” products or Bhatt camp’s nonsense efforts to showcase the page 3 crowd as the face of Indian society. It’s a neat and clean movie with no hangovers or aftereffects.
Arshad Varsi and Boaman Irani have been truly amazing. And director has been intelligent enough to give them the footage they deserve. But these two actors must be thankful to their dialogue writer. He has done a great job.
All in all it a must see movie. Although it may not be as big a hit as the traumatic, the painful, the agonizing, “Kabhi Alvida Na Kahna” but we all know how the words Hits and Flops have been defined here.


Spiff said...

Good Review...seems to be your best effort till date...makes me want to watch the movie..

LoonyTalk said...

The major miscasting were Dia and Jimmy who seem to have been forced into doing a role they didn't relate to...
Btw, it is reported that SRK was first approached with the role of Munnabhai MBBS. Seeing Sanju Baba's bhaigiri antics (and SRK's disaster in films like Josh), I'm so glad that he eventually didn't do it! :)