Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The movie is actually not that bad. In fact it’s good. Although the reviews sounded otherwise. But I guess the reviewers did something what I did not i.e. comparing it with the original DON. Come’ on, that had AB. That’s has no comparison at all.

Let’s look at the SRK’s DON in isolation.

The speed of the movie is good enough to not get you bored.

Songs are good although some of them are a straight lift from the earlier version.

SRK has been asked to do what he does best, not acting but showing off style. For example, his role as a country guy which needed some versatility has been kept as small as possible.

Boman Irani has again proved that he is a quintal of sand which could be molded into any role.

Priyanka and Isha have perfectly done the roles of working house wives, the killing beauties of underworld who do kill people apart from doing cabaret. Just that a little more skin show could have helped but………… it’s a bachelor talking.

The Hollywood style (you may call it a terrible attempt to copy but only in the comment section in my blog) direction and the twists in the end keep you glued to your seat. Or at least I was glued to my seat.

All in all it’s a typical masala movie which is a rarity in bollywood these days and “go see it” kinds. Secret to enjoy the movie is, keep your comparing hat at home.


Nisheeth said...

The only "Don" review that I agree with. In fact, am planning to buy the DVD when it is out.

Japs said...


Long-time since you blogged on your core competency of cricket. In light of the recent eventful or uneventful CT (depending on how you look at it), what direction do you believe the world of cricket is moving in ?

LoonyTalk said...

Wonder how you missed out the "Yeh mera dil" disaster by Bebo? :o