Saturday, January 13, 2007

Few things in life that are not meant to be!!!

Being the happier than the person you hate most - Even though you could be the king of the planet earth and he could be in deep shit, it does not matter. More the hatred, more the unhappiness.
It's not possible to kill the hatred, so better kill him(her).

Being satisfied with your job
- There is always something egging you to move on to somewhere else be it your boss, promotion, salary hike or the girl sitting next to you not giving a shit to all your efforts. After all, grass is always greener on the other side.
You cannot do anything about the rest. But you can surely change your seat if it's the girl's case.

Our media and we correctly assessing our cricket team
- If they win, they are world’s best. If they loose, they should be hanged till death. Actually they are somewhere in between.
Don't you think its high time you should stop following cricket. Watch NBA, India never looses in it.

Going back to memory lanes where you have been ditched
- No matter how bad you were hurt, you always tend to take a quick sneak peek and come back.
Try reducing on your divine drinks.

Scratching your balls
- No matter where you are, mannn….if the itching starts one just cannot stop.
Use Itch Guard and take bath daily.

Mamta Banerjee going on a hunger strike and loosing weight - No matter for how many days she has been on hunger strike, she always looks at her healthiest best
And dietecians suggest to reduce intake if one wants to be slim trim.

There are few more, which I will update later or may be a last one

You (at least I) being not able to think
When want to think.
Some more beer please.