Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Stupidity and intellectual stimulation are two sides of the same coin. It all depends on what side of the coin you are facing. I though of a question ,which according to me was stupid but it brought out the intellect from some and unprintable from rest.

What would you do if you come to know that everything around you is unreal and you are living in a masquerade?

  • I would be happy because if what I am living in is a real world, I am not happy with it.

  • I’ll be perplexed and there be will a certain degree of fear in me but I’ll get used to it after a span of time and then the fake world will look real to me

  • :(

  • I told u so the whole universe was designed to play a role against me

  • I don’t think I will do anything different.

  • I know that already. koi nayee bat nahin duniya utpataanga

  • I will go see how good the masquerades are.

  • Have an apple. It will keep the doctor away.

  • aisa kya hua?

  • I will run away.

  • Kat Sale.

The last answer would have been mine with a little censorship. For my own safety, I have removed the names responsible for the responses.


Spiff said...

chajju rocks

Gaurav said...

bihari sucks

Sachin Gulhane said...

thakur Cha gaye ho !!

Felomina said...

I like 6th one the most. ;)

RNN said...

Isn't this statement part of the masquerade if everything else is a masquereade. So what are the implications of this ? :)) Have fun !!!

Baj said...

Abe ye masquereade kya hota hai???