Friday, November 02, 2007


“Every third person in the world lacks a toilet” is what the DNA, one of the self proclaimed leading news paper says. (Please refer to”.

This is a shocking statistics and reveals the scarcity of one of the most neglected basic necessities for the mankind. If you are reading this from the comfort of your cubicle or living room, run and secure a more demanded seat and be that second person rather than being the third one. The first, your truly, has already occupied the seat, making the literal use of his laptop and writing this shit and about it.

I have always wondered how the necessity for the call centers to reply nature’s call has always been so neglected. But we human are ungrateful enough to neglect nature as a whole, why to care for its calls?

WHO is an organization which is supposed to take care about our health. It spends billions on it or claims to be. UNO spends billions for the intake of deprived races. But what about the waste output? I have never heard of any concerns for this?

I studies about some of the basic rights of humans on net. But nowhere, I repeat, no where I could find the mention of a 6 letter word, toilet. This negligence causes one of the biggest threats to societal health and peach – constipation. Think about one of those many mornings when you were deprived off a nice, gentle and a successful release. I am sure on that day; pollution index would have been a few notch higher courtesy to sound and air pollution. It has a cascading effect. You feel deprived and people around you face the wrath.

Shitting, is just not a routine job, it’s an art, a piece of engineering which might push you to think, test your tolerance and body control at time, makes you feel the importance of “giving” and let you hurt the people you don’t like without being charged. It gives you an unseen weapon to get a seat in a crowded compartment or finish off a boring meeting within minutes of its use.

It teaches you a lot of lessons. In our office, the flush attached to the seat doesn’t work properly. If the discharge is solid, because of its volume and buoyancy force, it refuses to sink in and pops up no matter how hard you try. What do you do? Do what Queen did for ages. Divide and rule. Break it into several small parts and then try. It disappears. I checked with most of my office colleagues and all of them apply the same methodology. Not only that, one of my friends in some other organization was facing the same problem and sorted out this very way. Doesn’t it show that all humans think equally? Just that some are more equal among them.


Gaurav said...

Dude, you are back. At last, some relief from another

Felomina said...

Its apparent wat make u rally again :P

Spiff said...

Appropriate topic, given the quality of blog and comments above

Anonymous said...

shit shit shit .... I never thought anybody can give such a deep and broad thoughts to such a neglected topic...But then its you with your fav time pass .. easy to write for you :)