If snakes around the globe were praying for private and peaceful vacations in the period between Christmas and New Year, they got their wish. Rajat Sharma finally got something more meaningful and sensible to tell about in IndiaTV. Continuing the tradition of cursed fate of the modern dynasties in this part of the globe, Benjir Bhutto was killed. “Killed” is replaceable with “died in an accident” because contrasting theories are coming out from different theorists. Although not going for a post mortem and washing off the place of event in a jiffy puts the “died in an accident” theory in a fishy light.

As of now, everyone is busy discussing how she was killed rather than discussing the whys and who’s. Let me be a little different from them and list out my suspects.

Al-Quaida – Not only they are the most notorious terrorist organization, but also most claiming and blamed group of masked fundamentalists. They claim/are blamed for every undesired event in the world, be it Bush’s fart fracturing his commode or a blast in Samjhauta Express. They did it this time as well. Hours with in Bhutto died; there was a statement from one of their spokesperson to some channel claiming the fame. But, no matter how much hatred they have in their hearts and destruction in their minds, they are humans. They need sources and support to fund their bread, butter and bombs. They might have been the actors, but it’s the director who calls the shots. I don’t think they have the guiles to be a director in this event.

India – We blame Pakistan for all kinds of attacks – be it insect attack on the crops in Punjab few years back or Kargil or the blasts around the country. Most of the times, blames are correct. Pakistan has been doing the same over the years. Especially with increased turbulence in the country in recent past, the trend has increased and will continue. How much truth is in that, I do not know. But, India doesn’t gain anything from Bhutto’s killing which has sent the country into a political turmoil. If I was India’s head of state, I would have preferred Pakistan to be a troubled and weak state. But it should be strong enough to keep the troubles in Pakistan away from India. With an unstable Pakistan, the trouble in Afghanistan would be just a few meters away instead of being at least half a country away. Leave aside the intent of the nation to construct or destruct, India looses more and gains nothing hence wouldn’t have been a part of the conspiracy.

Parvez Musharraf – He stands as the biggest and obvious suspect. But isn’t he a bit too obvious suspect. For me, General would have to be an idiot to plot such a conspiracy. One, he would have been too obvious suspect to run him into deeper troubles and two, he was said to have a political pact with Bhutto. Musharraf was under pressure from US & rest of the world to bring back the democracy whereas at the same time, army would be pressurizing him otherwise. Bhutto might have provided him the ideal coalition. General had more risks than returns in killing Bhutto.

Nawaz Sharif – If you plan to kill someone and get away scot-free, first thing you should do is to get an alibi. When Bhutto was attacked, there was a blast to target Nawaz Sharif on his rally too where he was not present. Was it his good fortune or alibi building? Having suffering from intellectual deficiency, I know very little about politics, leave aside Pakistani politics. But whatever little understanding I have, Pakistan has a two pole world – army and the so called democratic parties. For Nawaz Sharif, Bhutto was a bigger threat than Musharraf who was already in trouble and will go sooner or later. So once Bhutto out of his way, he just needs to wait for Musharraf’s end or manufacture his dethroning as Musharraf did to him few years back. Also, everyone knew who the biggest suspect would be if something happens to Bhutto.

Pakistan’s People Party (PPP) - All these years, Bhutto was spending a peaceful life somewhere in UK, I think. The moment she saw serious troubles for Musharraf, she came back charging to her country, started her fight in politics and started telling PPP that she would get them back in power. If I was someone looking after PPP for these many years, I would have to be too loyal to accept her supremacy in such circumstances. If there are fair elections sometime in future, PPP would be the biggest gainer not only because they want Musharraf but also because of the sympathy wave. As the events are turning out, the riots, the looting of banks, the torching of trains are tools to leave a strong effect of this tragic event on people’s minds. If there are fair elections, PPP should and would be the biggest gainer.

As usual, standard disclaimer - Thoughts above belonged to be. And as per our constitution, I have all the rights to express them. But being a gentleman, I apologize in case they hurt your sentiments. In addition to that, our media is busy discussing the way Bhutto died rather than who caused those ways. But soon they would come to the latter. So in case you want to use any of the above mentioned, do remember about the IPRs.


Aashish said…
If you read "In Line of Fire", "Daugther of the East" and "The Dark Side of Islam", and others like "The Idea of Pakistan", you may have had some deeper insights...
Dreamer said…
y did u even mention India as one of the suspects bemuses me. Also, sometimes, things are not as planned as ppl think they I doubt Nawab Sharif's involvement in all this
Spiff said…

Read the link above..very illuminating....B raman is one of the most credible voices in these matters
Anonymous said…
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