Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kanpur Diary!!!

It’s always difficult to resume office after an enjoyable but tiring break of spanning almost half a week. That is what I am discovering today, though not for the first time.

I had gone to my hometown Kanpur after a period of couple of years for a friends wedding.

It’s easier and faster to go to Kanpur from Mumbai via train rather than the flight. Cheaper, adds another feather in the cap and was my reason to opt for train travel. I generally reach station a little earlier just to make sure I do not miss the train or face last minute troubles. Indian Railways has always obliged me by delaying the trains further to convert the possible last minute troubles into a painful wait.

I was amazed to see that no one was jumping into the train when it arrived just to realize that it wasn’t a Mumbai Local. There are a few bad habits you pick up in Mumbai. An instinctive habit of jumping into and out off any moving object is one of them.

Train journeys give you a different experience all together. You have loads of time in your hands and got to think of different means to kill it. Some prefer reading, some getting indulged in political chats with strangers and some look for flirtatious options if they are lucky with their neighborhood. Since the almighty has always blessed me with the neighbors trying to convert their well setup innings into a bigger score, I always prefer sleeping till my back starts crying of pain.

Finally, I reached Kanpur on a cold morning. Kanpur, is a city where I was born and brought up. I, along with my other Kanpuriya friends, have always successfully defended the attacks in form of mockery, satire and harshness of those who have been deprived of spending their childhood or adolescence in this city. More they tried, more aggressively we defended. Are aggression motivated them further and the vicisous cycle continued and will always do.

If you are a lover of north indian food especially sweets, you wont get it better and cheaper anywhere but for Benaras neither you would get better and cheaper leather goods. The roads (if you find some), the smell of unforgettable big Naala which spans across the city, the Pan Masaala pouches and spits visible anywhere and everwhere is something only this city boasts of possessing. If you have complaints about you, your friend, room mate, son, daughter, brother, sister, girl friend, wife, mistress, mistress’ sister etc of bad habits to not care for power saving, send him/her/whatever to Kanpur. If you complain about weekly, hourly, two hourly, three hourly, power sheddings, come to Kanpur. you will realize the power of power because we hardly get it. I remember, in every summer (mind you, summer in north India is really hot!!!) there used to be at least a period of 15 days when there was no power. Once, during the humid July and August ( its much worse than what these Mumbaikars face) we had official laod shedding of 9 hours a day. It was in the morning from 5 to 10 and in the evening 2 to 6. If there is a fault in the lines, it would be rectified between the 10 to 2 period because electricity department doesn’t or hardly does work after the sun has set. When they repair, they have to cut the power for safety purposes. So you sincerely pray to God thet there is no fault. But its fun. It improves your survival skills. When these Mumbaikars claim of power shut down, I really laugh at them. They just don’t have survival skills and are slave to human inventions.

Coming back to marriage, it was fun. Generally you enjoy all north indian marriages primarily because of their scale of organization and treatment of guests unless its you who is getting married. This is completely my theory proved wrong in my own marriage. Not that others didn’t enjoy, I enjoyed the most.

I thoroughly enjoyed the food, the dance, rendezvous with friends and my capability to get lost from the Baarat not once but twice. First time I was busy chatting with an old college friend and next time seeing Yousuf and Younis drawing the second test match. Lucklily my damage control was good as always.

I also visited my house which we sold off this year (in picture) and got a regretful feeling – I wish we had built such a house in Mumbai or even in cities like Pune or Bangalore. If we had, I could afford to be a full time writer and wasn’t fudging and trying to fool everyone in office by making myself looking busy. But, as Navjot Singh Siddhu says,

Ifs and buts were pots and pans, there would be no tinkers.


Saumyajit said...

It is always great to go back to your roots :)

Dreamer said...

not upto ur normal level.....u made my boring day even more boring :-(

Uptown Girl said...

Good one... buy another place... in Kanpur... you can go back to :P.

Spiff said...

Nostalgia is always a good read...keep it up.. and i never imagined u enjoying ur wedding...werent u ovewrawed or smthin by the occasion

Sachin Gulhane said...

thakur .. aap lkahte raho .. ghar bhi ban hi jayyeg a..

Sachin Gulhane said...

Also Did you really enjoy your wedding .. I mean publicly you have to say it .. But.... YOU know it better ..

usr said...

kanpur is better than what he says .. :) ..