A day with blurred vision

In Mumbai, you are always fighting, right from a seat in local train to for your life, from a penny in stock market to a shelter, from a piece of bread to an auto to reach your destination. I had realized all before this morning. Today I realized the fight for life part when I fell down while catching the train. As I stood up I could not read the signboard displaying the time of the next train only to realize that I had lost the equipment which used to compliment my lack of vision – my spectacles.

Although the power I use is just -1 but life does become uncomfortable when you are so much with your specs that some times you forget to take them off while sleeping. I somehow managed to get the next train and reached office.

But the day you are without your scientific eyes, you are most prone to get the charges of sexual harassment thrown towards you. Obviously you cannot see an object clearly even at 5 meters distance from you and try to look harder at it. If it’s a female, the process becomes a mix of a habit developed over the years and vision robbed by a loss. Your target thinks as if you are treating her as an alien, scrutinizing her figure or lack of it and want to eat her alive. For any man, he would have recognized her any how (don’t ask me how ;) just that he would be trying to see if the recognization of different chapters match with the cover of the book.

Females, as always, are a complex lot. If you neglect their presence, it’s an insult. If you let them know that you are not even close to neglecting them then it’s ogling, staring shamelessly and being a frustrated sex maniac. A so called modern Indian female would roam around in minis to flaunt their u know what. But when you appreciate the act of flaunting by a reciprocating action of your eyes, you are termed as a monster. But if you are an advocate of this philosophy, stop there. Else the famous Mumbai tradition of 31st December night would become a daily routine.

One benefit of a blurred vision is, it gives you an excuse of you lack of intelligence. Keep making faces as if you can’t even read your palm and sympathies will start pouring. Keep cribbing – “Man, its impossible to concentrate with half of your eyes”. And it’s even more useful in classrooms. But alas, my classes were over some three years back. Knowing my grit, determination and dedication towards my work, my desk is always a lost cause where sympathies go to my boss even on normal days for an NPA.

Any how, my eyes are still as good as without specs just with a little bit of extra effort and I didn’t have to face any of the consequences. The biggest hit of a blurred vision was taken by my portfolio which still remains a sorry tale of lost opportunities which never arrive.

The incident or accident mentioned in first paragraph is quite an exaggerated version. Hence please don’t bore me with you lectures, pamper me with your sympathies or hurt me with your indifference. Because for those who know this city, its always about that extra second generating rush, chaos and disgust.


Spiff said…
Its always fun..watchin you struggle between your your normal uncouth country self and your realisation that the reader may want something more euphemistic
Dreamer said…
I always discount ur stories by 50% and post discounting, it was not one of your bad days. I know what happens to you on your bad day.

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