Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday “BahinJi”

Today is BahinJi Sushree Mayavati’s 52nd birthday. It’s celebrated across the state of Uttar Pradesh as “Mayavati-BSP” day as it should be. As a big admirer of her persona, I salute her and dedicate this post to her as her birthday gift. I know she doesn’t accept anything but cash on this auspicious occasion, I would request all the readers of this post to donate some money to me so that I can do the honors.

The lady is definitely the most powerful female of the country in all but literal sense. Only Jayalalitha comes close to beating her but you never know. After all, sometimes Goliath falls to the David. In addition to that, the South Indian goddess has for long followed the tradition of being at the relaying and receiving ends for s stipulated period of time on a consistent basis as prevalent in bipolar politics. Mayavati, she only rules for five years at a stretch. And if it’s not her reign, she has always been wise enough to make sure that the otherwise don’t last their life.

Life is a school and one should learn even from its worst of enemies. That is what she has always believed. So, if the entire nation can celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday why can’s a state celebrate its most powerful women’s birthday. Even though she has always been critical of Mahatma Gandhi (click here), she has decided to celebrate her own birthday. More you celebrate and remember the greats, more you learn from them. She has added a new dimension to it. All of us, openly or secretly, expect gifts on our birthdays. Most of you do get them – some useful, most not. So why not ask for cash and use it the way you want? To make life useful, BSP has issued coupons worth 500 or 1000 with a message containing thanks from the beneficiary. Use it the way you like. The house is all black, go paint it white.

Mayavati was blamed for following the Mughal dynasty traditions – kill the king who has brought you up to the floor. Kanshiram allegedly died in her custody. But I beg to differ. Look, how desperately she is demanding “Bharat Ratna” for the BSP founder. Not to wash off the bad name she got because of the allegations, but she really understood and knew the contribution Kanshiram for the country and society. In fact it’s only her who has understood and knows it till date; all others have failed to do so including Kanshiram’s own soul.

She has a nemesis in Mulayam Singh Yadav. Their story has been like a bollywood movie. The hero Mayavati tried to woo, save and capture the heroine (UP CM’s seat) from the villain Mulayam Singh Yadav. The comedian BJP keeps entering and disappearing here and there. SP-BSP heads share a love hate relationship. Whatever one loves, the other one hates it and vice versa. They don’t believe in long term debt and pay it off as soon as possible. We can find an analogy to this somewhere in down south as well. So if its Ambedkar Parks are the flavor of UP under the rule of one CM, the other one makes sure that all of them full with cows, buffalos and their holy shit. Life is less confusing for IAS officers, Policemen, Criminals and the rest as they know there are no shades of grey in life. If they have been making hay, they are ready to go to hell as soon as the rule changes.

All said and done, Mayavati does possess excellent political acumen and she is eying big. When all the parties were trying tried and tested stunts to attract their voters, she came up with different approaches. After ages of mud slinging and hate-painting against upper caste, she understood the demographics, got them under her umbrella and did the unthinkable in UP. It was almost two decades since the party winning the most seats had the biggest smile on its face as well because it was a clear majority. I don’t see any chance of this government not lasting five years. And I don’t see any relief for the mice who were making hay when the cat was away. In case you have not understood the phrase, read this.

Wish you all the best BehanJI and also to your enemies because they need it more than you now. Best of luck to UP as well – although you cannot do much even with all the luck.


Spiff said...

whts the point for all the blabbering...u cud hav just put a one line congratulation...i cant see any other point to the long winded post

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

u will die one day anyhow...whts the point in taking the pains of living...why nt die now

Anonymous said...

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