The week that was/wasn't /would have been

The news that started last week, continued this week as well. BCCI declared that the tour would continue eradicating any hopes of converting a 4-0 defeat to 2-0. Steve Bucknor was dropped from the Perth test where as Mark Benson went scot-free. England captain Nasser Hussain criticised BCCI for showing its financial muscle and being racist by affecting Bucknor’s shacking, Bhajji’s saving and not considering Hussain for IPL. Rakhi Sawant, adopted a monkey as a gesture against racism in an auction conducted by Malcom Speed. Later, she blamed the Speed for rigging the auction. Abhishek Awasthi told “Aaj Tak” that he would break Mika’s nose for this.

There used to be competition for the Indian movie to be sent for Oscar, National awards, Indian Idols, Voices of India, Youth Idol, Rodies etc. Bharat Ratna joined in though only with three runners. BJP claimed Atal Bihari Bajpayee possesses the best credentials for having provided one of the most important tools for a successful democracy – the opposition. He sat in the opposition for all his political life. Jyoti Basu was nominated for having provided the forte of a West Bengal for most number of times – Strikes. BSP nominated Late Kanshiram as the better of all the candidates because he was dead.

Tata launched its 1 lakh car named “Nano” promised by JRD Tata in 1972. Mamta Banejee went on hunger strike because “Nano” would lure the poor in debt trap and blamed Tata – ICICI nexus for the same. Megha Patkar launched a nationwide campaign against “Nano” because with more number of cars on street, it would leave lesser space of stray dogs and other animals on the roads. An emotional Ratan Tata said that he was in a lonely phase of his life. Mid-Day claimed that their news (on 29th February, 2006) about the breakup between Milind Soman and Tata was true.

Tamil Nadu rejected the plea of upper caste for reservation on income basis as constitution does not allow this. The state has 22% reservation for Lower Caste SCs, 5.7% reservation for Upper Caste SCs, 21% reservation for STs, 35% is reserved for OBCs, 24% is for Christians, 32% is reserved for Muslims and12% is reserved for contingencies which might arise. Rakhi Sawant filed a case on Tamil Nadu government for rigging the % of reservations. Abhishek Awasthi told “IBN7” that he would break Mika’s nose for this.

Madhu Koda, the Jharkhand CM, declared Koena Mitra as the state’s brand ambassador to lure NRI to invest in the state. She was selected ahead of state-born Dhoni or Tanushree Dutta because of her extra glamour quotient. May be she was a cheap product offering better ROI. Rakhi Sawant blamed Koda to be biased towards Koena Mitra although Rakhi’s bid was lower. Mika kissed Abhishek Awasthi in his birthday party and broke his nose in the process.

Scotland Yard was invited to Pakistan and hander over the “Bhutto Murder Case”. Although people doubted ISI or PPP for Bhutto’s murder, Scotland Yard showed its true professional color and expertise when they caught the real guilty with in a week of being appointed – Al-Quaida. Al-quaida’s denial of the murder was clear evidence.


LoonyTalk said…
Took me a while to understand the funny undervibe. :) Good post, but too much to absorb for one post!
I believe now I know what people must experience while reading my blog... :o

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