Thursday, February 07, 2008

The News

If you are a forced regular (I force most of you to be a regular on my blog) to my blog, you must be familiar of the fact that I am a big Indian news channel fan. Aaj Tak tops the list with IBN7 and IndiaTV giving it a tough fight. Rest are not far behind. Here are some of my favourite picks.

Best life saving story, The Prince – Some kid fell into a narrowest of wells in the strangest of manners. He was, and it is safe to presume that he still is, the son of a poor worker who would have named him babua, munnu, chunnu. Coincidently he had given him a royal name Prince. Among all the news channels, IBN7 was the most active to make people launch a rescue operation named Prince ko bachaana hai. They had even planted a camera in the well near the kid to show how he was eating biscuits supplied to him and had enlightening comments on each of his activities. Coincidently, the day he was saved turned out to be his birthday. Several more kids fell into the different wells after Prince was saved like Aas Mohammad (Operation Aas ki aas by Zee News) or Mukti (Operation Mukti by IndiaTV).

Best scientific story, Koi aap ko dekh raha hai – Aaj Tak revealed that there is life on a planet and someone is watching us. He has such a powerful vision that he can watch you trying to avoid washing your hands after shitting because the water is too cold or spitting in your boss’ tea when no one is watching you. He can even attack earth. The channel promised to tell the name of the planet in the next episodes for 15 days.

Best Archaeological Discovery, Ravan – IndiaTV discovered that Sri Lanka government had discovered the existence of Ravan few years back but GOI has paid no heed to it. They kept repeating it again and again so that it could ring a bell in GOI’s ears. If there are any positives taken from current turbulence in Mumbai is that finally the Mumbai story ended the painful soap opera of few weeks of Ravan.

Best Family Story, Why real life couples are not as successful as they were as reel life couple – The story started when Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bacchan were to get married. They even invited Aashish Vidyarti for his special perspective on this burning national issue for almost 4 hours and paid his pending EMIs of two months for his flat in Goregaon, Mumbai. Thanks to Jhanvi Kapoor, the burning issue was over fired by her with in a couple of days.

Best Breaking News, Please see the photo – The winner is Aaj Tak.


Spiff said...

Aaj tak rocks...however the problem with aaj tak is..they doo not maintain standards..while India TV maintains very strict quality standards and r consistent

Sachin Gulhane said...

Two options channels have to save themself from you, hire you .. or close the business :)
but fact is ... I have never seen breaking NEWS broken flat so often

LoonyTalk said...

Is that why we still don't have any private radio news channels in India?