Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pradhan Mantri Mahoday/Mahodaya!!!

With the current government all set to hoist the tricolor for the last time on 15th august, the ever so political activities are soon to gain some more entropy in very near future. This time is going to be a little different in the sense that almost none of the parties seem to have a clear, not so controversial, not so disputed, strong and “can pull the crowd without having to pay them” leaders. Let’s look at the possible should be/should not be/could be/ could not be candidates

Manmohan Singh – Please, spare a thought for the respected, well educated, owner of an excellent resume and clean image old man. If congress comes in power, will he get a repeat of the term? Naah. Just look at him once, he looks so burdened by his present term; I don’t think Mr. Singh would be willing to take another term. If he does, he might well become the first sardar to use his pagri as a patrolling weapon instead of a controlling one. He has probably lost more hair than given prime ministerial speeches.

Rahul Gandhi – His appointment as prime minister will throw us back to the old and well sung dynasties of Nehru family and the phoenix will rise again from the ashes. Congress is also tired of its search for stop gap arrangements to let the oldest kid in the country to grow tall enough to measure the stature of prime minister. Congress’ problem is, he is too young and his mother is Italian. How can we Indians accept a PM of foreign origins although if Bobby Jindal becomes even a deputy minister in US government, we would surely garland him with Bharat Ratna. The latest Gandhi will surely revive the old tradition of dividing our old enemy as he famously quoted once to be one of the many contributions his family made for the nation (click here).

Mayavati – BahinJi is surely the shrewdest female on political parameters. She proved her prudence in recent past when she cleared the enemy at home (click here) yet clearing the garbage on her image(click here) by utilizing the Bharat Ratna. She also outfoxed other stalwarts in last election by assessing the voter’s demographics even better than Aaj Tak (the best news channel award recipient for last 7 years in Aaj Tak awards). But when I was discussing the same with a friend last night and told him, “One day she will become the PM of the country”. “The very same day I will quit this country”. And we smiled at each other. Need I write more?

L K Advani – Think yourself. Is he worthy enough? Worthy enough is never a question to hold a post in democracy. Is he capable enough? Mr. Advani would have to wear the face mask of the last most widely respected politician of the country, Atal Ji, every time he goes out to ask for vote. With current scenario, BJP will find the race as tough as in 80s. He must be praying to God to make his guide at least decade younger till the elections.

Southy Sirens – South India has a penchant for the letter S. Be it the larger than life ShivaJi for which a manager in my earlier company drove 800 Kms to watch the first show or the goddess of seduction Shakeela who has such thundering thighs that it could feed a family of 8 for at least a month. The prime minister’s have either been in love with scams and handled them even better (Rao) or they possess such a strong will that they could sleep in the fish market of parliament (ABCDHDFC Devegodha). As of now, most of the probable candidates are busy fighting the famous battle of supremacy over water or extending the branches of their family trees to the assembly. In Andhra Pradesh, a film star’s dream to take the traditional path of film to politics has consistently been shattered by her daughter, in-law and fans (click here). Tamil Nadu was always busy in “you miss I hit” between an actress who would be a perfect brand ambassador of south Indian food for its rich contents and a politician whose eyes are seen only by two people – one by his mother when he was born and the other by the person who fitted those spectacles/goggles.

Narendra Modi – He is an extremist. After Godhra, he gave free hand to Hindu extremists in the state to run riots. All agreed. But don’t we remember how a certain community was massacred when a PM was murdered by her own bodyguards. Her son was still accepted as a prime minister although the images of individuals compared could be different. Let’s not get into the argument of using religious means to get into power. Even if Modi did, he has stayed there and he will continue doing so. Reason being – Of all the people I have met/interacted of different states, Gujrat is one state where people seem to be most satisfied by their government. I haven’t met a single person who had slightest of Gujrat connections and was not all honours for the Modi government and what good it has done for the state. Although my sample set has yet not covered a single element from a particular religion. But if someone has earned the praises of majority (100% of my sample set which might be very small in relative and absolute terms), he must have done more rights than wrongs. I don’t see a reason that the same could not be extrapolated to the entire nation. I agree that a single man cannot change the nation overnight but a leader should have qualities of vision, ability to get the work done and realistic honesty. Narendra Modi seems to have displayed it in Gujrat. So why not give him a chance or take a chance with him. At least the logic says so. But we live in a democracy, which is not run by logic. It is run by majority. Naendra Modi may never get the majority to become the Prime Minister.

Bong Brigade - Forget it. They have always been outsiders - either as opposition or "24 threats per day to withdraw support" kind of supporters. Outsiders do not become PMs.

Disclaimer – This post is written as an attempt to mix humour with some sense which belongs to me and has my copyright. In case I have missed your probable candidate in the list above, feel free to write your views in comments. In case my comments have hurt you because you found them derogatory for your favourite leader, think again. The same leader would surely have hurt all of us even more.


Spiff said...

As of now, Advani has really disappointed me..course methinks an NDA govt ll better than UPA one..but if smbd from Congress has to become PM..Rahul Gandhi maybe be the best of the practical options..He will have the freedom to get his reform agenda thrown in...the only fear..the guy seems out of his class in politics

LoonyTalk said...

Why is Rahul Gandhi even an option? He has been such a disaster as the Member of Parliament, hardly ever raising any relevant issue...
Come on, we should get past this dynastic politics!