Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Women’s Day!!!

On this auspicious day of celebrating 99th women’s day (Seems like it started in 1908, may be women’s presence was subjected to only nights before that), let us pay tribute to some of the legends from the other side of sexual divide. My tiny mind can think of only a few, so if I have missed out on your chartbusters, please feel free to write in the comments section. Also, standard disclaimers apply for the post.

Bobby Darling – If you have to reach Gurgaon from Noida, you have to cross Delhi. Do not get me wrong, it’s Delhi where Bobby Darling (Pankaj Sharma) born. Having seen the couches of both the sides in film industry, it was the Big Boss that gave her/him the real fame. In an age where migrants are snatching breads on the streets of Munbai from the locals, its Bobby Darling who kept the likes of Beghum Nawazish away from steeling the market share of Beghum’s look alike Simmy Grewal even after the conspiracies of Indian media.

Rakhi Sawant – In an age when being a north Indian in the country carries the same fate as Jews during WWII as they are not liked anywhere – this is what our leaders led us to , Rakhi Sawant comes across as the modern avatar of a Nobel laureate – Mother Teresa. Like mother embraced the poor and unwanted of society all her life, Rakhi has embraced an unwanted too – a north Indian Abhishek Awasthi. Rakhi is a multi faceted personality. Womanhood in her personality is as high as silicon (or may be silica, please pardon me for being academically challenged) in sand. When Rakhi is not explaining the minute details of her birthday party in order to spread awareness about sexual harassment, she is encaging ( herself to save tigers. Unlike the other struggling stars who sing from the top of their roof that they were robbed in their kitchen last night just to get some chap publicity, Rakhi comes as fresh air by being absolutely secretive about private affairs – her roles in item songs. For her, it’s all an open book .

BahinJi – If there is one woman on the track to be the next Indira Gandhi or Benzir Bhutto, it’s our very dear BahinJi. One of the shrewdest minds in Indian politics, not many would remember that it’s her visit to Mumbai after which the historical North Indians Maharastra Chhodo movement has started. May be it’s her presence which has caused the political stalwarts in Mumbai to work on their basics. Or there is some strategy? To get into the power one has to take the difficult route of taking all walks of voters along in this country which holds the record for most number of parameters to divide. She did so much before their male counterparts could recognized this in recent UP elections. May be she has a vision for Maharastra too. BahinJi holds the record for most number of her statues in a state, the best rewarding birthday in monetary terms and is on her way to be the first living legend to have her birthday named as state holiday.

Shakeela – The goddess of thundering thighs is the most underrated and under garmented female in the history of women liberalization in the country. In the male dominated screen of 70mm, she dominates the males in literal, physical and sexual sense in her most caressing mannerisms as mostly they are on her knees - kissing. For more on the south Indian sex symbol, go to my earlier post – Shakeela.

Monica Lewinsky – This bootylicious unpaid intern at White House holds the unique distinction of having given the spice to the most famous cigar in the history of mankind and providing a new life to the slowing down US economy. The charity generated from the auctioning of cigar sponsored Castro’s treatment hence US could sell its weapons to Cuba for many more years to come – through indirect routes obviously as it always does. Her oral skills earned her such a level of popularity that “Clinton Returns” might never be able to achieve.

Mamta Banerjee – This maverick politician taught the Congress a lesson or two about grass root level politics by forming her own Trinamool Congress Party . She holds the record of having gone for most number of hunger strikes yet has maintained a Body mass index over 30. If Bongs boast of being the better off in personal-professional life mix, India's youngest parliamentarian deserves the credit by organizing most number of public holidays defamed by her opponents as bandh which is the sheer act of downgrading the tigress’s valiant efforts for a social cause.

Deepika Padukone – For last two years, Team India has been boasting of a formidable middle order because of two dangerous hitters. She put it to real stress and the famed middle order bowed down to its knees. Right now the towel’s of the newest leaf of a famed family tree in bollywood is getting pulled down. Luckily, the middle order looks back on track. Cricket has been blamed for the bane of other sports in India. Deepika looked to be all set to take her dad's revenge from the game

And, the list goes on. I apologize to the weaker sex for putting up this a day after the women’s day. But I have been bogged down with my laziness, intellectual incapability and serious lack of alcohol in my blood.

Nobody celebrates a Man’s day because everyday is a man’s day. How? When you slog out the unmentionable parts of your body under a dictator called boss, the day goes out as a man-day in the billing sheet, although it’s rarely a happy one.


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Whats the strange sound??

its that of your post "sucking"

Anonymous said...

not to forget sania, sonia, williams, mrs sarkozy, diana, hillary and the list goes on ..