Sunday, April 06, 2008

Disguised blessings!!!

If you have fallen flat in Ahemdabad after highs of Perth and CB series finals, please DO NOT loose hope and heart. Like silver lining in every dark cloud, like the brighter side of every coin (even the one which Anil Kumble tossed in Motera and called correctly), like the blessing in every disguise, there are some positives oozing out of the so called SA’s routing of country’s blue eyed boys.

Champions are perfectionists. That’s what Team India displayed when they managed to play exactly 20 overs - not a ball less, not a ball more. They played almost 100 overs in the second innings which is almost a 500% improvement. Are you still ashamed of your team’s performance which displays such a stupendous improvements with in a couple of days?

I agree it’s difficult to make a comeback after you are staring down the long dark tunnel within the start of a test match. We have made a comeback once (Mohali) and allowed it twice (Kolkata and Karachi). So if the defeat is certain, well almost, after the first session why not make things a little better by shrinking the match to 3 days in place of 5

· At least 20,000 people would have come for the rest of the two days. Assuming 4 persons per vehicle it is 5000 vehicles. Assuming every vehicle consumes a liter of petrol (Gas for psuedes and ABCDs), it’s a saving of 5000 liter of petrol which is around INR 55 per liter. Calculation gave me such a figure that I would be on the moon to receive it as my bonus at the end of the year. You might say I am being conservative but what do I do? Some waiter in LA or NY or NJ or anywhere in US of A bought a 5 bhk flat stayed in it till he liked and forgot that it’s on a loan and did not pay the monthly bleeders – EMIs. This phenomenon of socialist distribution of resources at an alarming equality in a capitalist society is called “Sub Primes”. In the “Sub Prime” age, pessimism has a new definition.

· Indian females always complain of a second grade citizen – with the first wives of their husband to be cricket. Team India saved a precious Sunday which would otherwise have been wasted on a lost cause. Now, millions of men can spend their leisure time in Big Baazars and Reliance Fresh. After all it’s the happy families which make a nation better.

· Imagine the noise pollution avoided not only in Motera but also in your house - either joy of victory or defeat causing domestic turbulence.

· An early finish also ensured that the mourning to be taking place on Sunday so that the productivity on Monday could be saved which is the normal crib against the game of cricket.

· There are a few cricketing reasons too like in case the match would have got stretched to its normal length, Anil Kumble would have to bowl more which had shortened the age of his already injured groins hence his career. We need him till eternity don’t we? Or till his 700 wickets at least.

· Dada scored a defiant near-century which will definitely help boosting Knight Rider’s popularity since its going to face some stiff competition by Mithun Da’s Kolkata Tigers now. This innings will help him keeping his place in Knight Rider’s team for sure.

· We can practice for much talked about and the future of cricket (???) – The IPL in these two days. Or may be players are secretly practicing, if not for the game then at least for the theme songs for their teams and the music videos. Actually BCCI should have taken full benefit of India’s perfection and organized 5 T20 matches in these 2 days.

· S Sreesanth blasted Sale Styen in his cameo of 17 runs. This was confidence shattering for the SA pacers and he can very well do a “Shaun Tait”. Depriving the opposition off its prime pacers at the cost of one test match is not such a bad bargain at all.

I have borrowed some of the above from some of my friends but I hope they don’t mind. Even if they do, I don’t. I case you have some more to point out; you are most welcome in the comments section.


LoonyTalk said...

Haha! Never knew the charitable side of our Men-in-Blue... :)
I believe Sharad Power Uncle will soon call you up to hire your excellent PR services for Team India! :P

Spiff said...

i agree...

but its difficult to concentrate..thats the biggest reason..and evr1 needs a kick smtimes