Saturday, April 19, 2008

Few things!!!

Few things I have realized after watching today’s IPL matches

· For some, game remains the same. After over one year of his retirement, Glen Mcgrath can still suffocate the batsmen with his irritatingly accurate line and length. Even the ones who would have played him million times in nets, Shane Watson, try to see him off. And it doesn’t matter the version of the game, a champion bowler remains a champion bowler.

· Shane Warne will always be kicked by Indian batsmen be it old mate Sachin Tendulkar or a rookie Shikhar Dhawan. He will never get any reprieve especially on Indian “spinner friendly” tracks.

· An emerging business group has to be mindful of its cost structure. May be this is the reason Emerging Media was so reluctant to shell out USDs in the auction phase that they overdid it and got penalized for the same. They also got a man to do double role for the same amount of money – Shane Warne being captain as well as coach. They cut some cost by not declaring an Icon Players as well.

· Set Max will always be a terrible broadcaster but pro women. If in 2003 they launched Mandira Bedi as a women power missile firing from her cleavage, they have roped in chikna models as anchors to attract the audience from the other side of sexual divide. ICL broadcast is much better.

· At last but not the least, I will always pray for IPL’s pre mature death.


Spiff said...

I dont get it, if IPL is so bad, the only thing it can harm is the bank balance of the promoters, why do you think Cricket itself will die.

THis ofcouse reflects your propensity to believe whatevere the news channels night say and thus the tendency to overdramatise everything. Mu guess is that give it time, it will fizz out and be a glorified domestic competiton on lione of English counties..nothin game changing (how appropriate a metaphor here)..

btw, agree about Mcgrath, the guy can still hit the deck

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

english counties and glorified domestic competition???? wow...