Monday, April 21, 2008


Finally there were two good matches after the not so surprisingly boring matches. Few things I liked about IPL are that the matches are played with good intensity. Players try their hard to abide by IPL defined spirit of cricket. Apart from that the Abhishek Nayars, the Pragyan Ojhas, the Virat Kohlis are getting some exposure they would have got in ages if they had got. But a few doubts still remain

· Two good matches meant you can enjoy a fair competition. Everyone likes to see close finished rather than the second innings being all about reducing the margin of defeat. But, at the end of the day its your team playing against my team. So if I am supporting Rajasthan Royals ( lets assume because considering the team, I don’t think even Emerging Media would be doing so), I love to see Greame Smith hitting Royal Challenger Zaheer Khan for sixes. But had I done the same if the very same bowler was royally challenging the SA southpaw? No. because the loyalties change with in a month. This creates a conflict. IPL can only succeed if there are club based loyalties built but the very same loyalty would be competing with very strong country based loyalty. To me this conflict management will be the key to IPL’s success. Till than I can watch every match because I have even watched the exhibition matches with considerable interest.

· IPL will do better by not playing on sleeping beauties. A so called terrible pitch is better because it produces batsmen who can fight their way out and not the one who just clear their any of the legs and hit.

· You may or may not agree with the above two but you will definitely agree with the fact that IPL will do everyone a favour by not appointing Sony as a broadcaster. I would better watch Greg Chappell fighting with Sunil Gavaskar over some law of cricket rather than listening to Akashay Kumar about his cricket playing days in and around Red Fort/India Gate.

Let’s see how IPL copes when such a terrific hype created around it fades away with time. Let’s wait for the second season and see where SRK is dancing – in stands or in some more marriages.

Anyhow, today it was people from outside Mumbai coming to Mumbai, using Mumbai’s ground and being completely inhospitable when RC beat MI. I hope there are not any problems tomorrow.

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