Sunday, April 13, 2008

Krazy 4

Societies keep changing and so the means taken to reform them, at least in movies. If it was self sacrifices in 60s-70s, a 6’2”tall angry young man fighting the system in 70s-80s, heroes surviving the bullets to kill villains with a “tere liye to mere haath hi kaafi hain” attitude, media is the new Raja Ram Mohan Rai of 21st century. It might have started with Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani but really took a centre stage with Rang De Basanti inspiring Munnabhai and now 4 mentally troubled patients from some mental asylum from Khandala.

The movie was advertised as a hilarious comedy though Rakesh Roshan must have found it tough to find comedy in it. Hence the comedy of the year 2008 has suddenly turned into a light movie with a message like Munna Bhai series. To prove this point, you will even find Diya Mirza in the similar help-the-reforms role. Juhi Chawla makes a comeback doing the kind of challenging and off beat role even Shobha Khote could have done.

I have never understood one thing – if you are aiming to make a comedy, make it. Why to bring the boringly emotional angles and romance-without-a-bed-scene fiascos in the movie. This is why David Dhawan-Govinda-Kadar Khan movies were good - just comedy, nothing else.

Coming back to movie – 4 patients come to city with their doctor to Mumbai where the doctor get kidnapped and they unearth a politician-police-underworld nexus to free her with the help of Sabse tej channel – Aaj Tak. In between they sing songs on Mumbai-Pune Expressway and somewhere in Mumbai streets. Makrand Deshpandey appears somewhere to pull Irfan Khan for a Rakhi Sawant item song where he avoids getting close to a ­Nana Patekar-Tanushree Dutta accident. SRK somewhere appears from somewhere with a ponytail trying to get a MJ look and you cant help but wonder the reason for him to keep this extra bunch of hair - may be an attempt to kill Bobby Darling’s career or a special request from a self proclaimed heterosexual director’s fantasies.

Movie does have some good satirical moments and dialogues like “Log tiranga pehan ke rishwat lete hain, main to rishwat leke tiranga pehna raha hoon” but they are far and few. The movie has 4 good actors but they are wasted because of loose direction. Apple Singh makes an effect even in a 2 minute cameo proving the point that it’s not the length but the quality of scene leaves a lasting impression. The movie could have done without all of its song because they only give you a choice to make a quick visit to the loo.

The movie tries to convey a message but looks confused about which one – patriotism or lack of it, heartless society or corruption in it. In the end, the movie joins the list of “could have been a good satire with a bit of unconventional and better direction”. But do not miss the Hritik Roshan’s dance number once the movie ends – he is terrific.


Spiff said...

i dont get this review...if u r looking for just laughter challenge or a skit show...when u go to a 2 hr movie..expect some sort of storytellin..and whts this nonsense about david dhawan govinda just comedy.stuff..aankhen..shola aur shabnam...raja babu..etc..all had some thriller or drama element....somehow it seems like u went to the movie just to0 rite this review...relax...classic comedies r tuff to comebyt

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

if u r selling me a toilet paper...say its a toilet paper...because i will be expecting a toilet paper...if it turns out to be a trace paper, dnt say u dnt know abt paper quality or so...every paper cnt be toilet paper

Spiff said...

well considering your blog post...and the comment above...toilet paper is the best metaphor u cud hv come up with..

grow your first para...i dont even get the yes boss reference..where was the media in yes each its own

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

this is the sole reason i always make sure u r the frst reader of my every post...others point out stupid spelling mistake which even MS word failed to find...u rectify the terrible content...thanks.

Spiff said...

gud..thnks..thts y i dint point out tht its 'haath' not 'chath'... :)

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

u rox...let us rox together

Dreamer said...

its all about expectation....if u can like a movie like no smoking and one two three, then i guess this one was much better.

Spiff said... aaye dreamer bhai..inke dimaag ke to kya kahne..std 4th se aage soch hi nahi paate